Can Enhanced Collaboration Shift Quality of Life in Post-COVID America?


Key Takeaways:

  • American startups are focusing on tackling post-COVID challenges through collaboration.
  • Strake App, based in Miami, is leading the charge to improve quality of life by bringing SMBs and NPOs together.
  • The future of consulting and service industry heavily leans on digital platforms, like those provided by Strake.

Set against the challenging backdrop of a post-COVID world where businesses and individuals are struggling to maintain and improve their quality of life, one startup out of Miami, Florida, presents a unique and compelling as well as achievable solution to this predicament. Introducing Strake App, a consultation and service industry platform, primed to facilitate and strengthen the collaboration between people and entities. Strake’s mission is to enhance access to a better quality of life for all.

Following a year that has seen SMBs (Small Midsize Businesses) struggle to grow, NPOs (Non-Profit Organizations) wrestle with fundraising, and individuals finding it tough to advance in-demand skills to make a living, the work by Strake App feels increasingly important. The app smartly zeroes in on promoting collaboration, not just at a business-to-business level, but also taking into account the very communities that form around these entities, location-centric and focused on ZIP codes.

Strake App differentiates itself in the market by its singular focus on promoting collaboration between SMBs and NPOs, a partnership largely overlooked by many industries. Creating a platform that benefits all parties involved, it strategically aims at the heart of America’s most distressed zip codes. Strake App realizes that the key to improving quality of life lies in promoting synergies that provide widespread benefits.

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In addition to providing a platform that encourages collaboration, Strake also offers unique insights driven by data and analytics. These insights help SMBs, NPOs, and individuals make data-driven decisions that can effectively improve their potential for growth. The comprehensive nature of the service Strake App provides forges a significant competitive edge in the bustling startup ecosystem.

Reflecting on the future direction of Strake App and the industry it sits in, digital technology, particularly platforms such as Strake, are offering an alternative route to American business success in the aftermath of the pandemic. As fallout from the pandemic changes the way we approach business and life, these digital platforms allow a reimagining of traditional economic and community models.

What Strake App is doing is truly revolutionary and marking themselves as leaders in the consulting and service industry sector. Follow Strake App’s journey on their website at and connect with them on Linkedin at LinkedIn company page. Join them as they strive to shape the American landscape in the post-COVID world. People with dreams such as founders Daniel Zeiter, MBA, Emiliano Qaqi, and Joseph Zeiter, are at the frontier, charting the path to a life of improved quality for all.


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