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In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for quick and healthy food has grown exponentially. The food service industry has to keep pace with the increasing demand but is also confronted with the challenge of keeping costs low while maintaining high-quality food standards. This is where Chewbox Inc. comes in. Chewbox is a Honolulu-based startup that’s revolutionizing the food service industry by offering a groundbreaking software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps food service companies and their customers decrease meal costs, eliminate waste, and optimize profits.

The Company

Chewbox is a venture-backed startup that’s developing proprietary technologies and enterprise SaaS to disrupt the $3T global food services market. The company’s innovative SaaS enables food service companies to decrease costs, eliminate waste, optimize labor, and maximize profit. Chewbox is making high-quality meals and gig economy more accessible while ensuring that restaurants, commissaries, and on-demand food services can close the delta of supply and demand.

How Chewbox’s SaaS Works

The company’s SaaS works by minimizing food wastage and closely managing inventory, thus enabling restaurants and other food service companies to optimize their spending while ensuring that they meet their customer’s demands. This is done by streamlining the entire supply chain, optimizing labor, and managing inventory better.

Impact of Chewbox’s SaaS

Chewbox’s solution has the potential to radically transform the food service industry by making high-quality meals more accessible to everyone. It enables restaurants and commissaries to deliver meals that would typically cost $15 in restaurants and $25-30 on meal delivery sites, for just $9. This would make high-quality meals accessible to people across all income groups, including those in the gig economy.

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Chewbox’s Ecosystem

Chewbox is more than just a software development company. The company is building an ecosystem that fosters access and opportunity. At Chewbox, entrepreneurs, developers, creatives, and disruptors work together to implement technology as a tool of social change. The company’s vision of using technology to foster access and opportunity is commendable, and its innovative approach to the food service industry has the potential to change the industry for the better.


In conclusion, Chewbox Inc. is an innovative, forward-thinking startup that’s transforming the food service industry for the better. With its groundbreaking SaaS, the company is delivering high-quality meals at an affordable price, while eliminating waste and optimizing profits for restaurants and commissaries. Chewbox is making high-quality meals and gig economy more accessible, and its vision of using technology to fostering access and opportunity is commendable.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearechewbox
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chewboxbusiness
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chewbox-inc/?viewAsMember=true

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