Groundbreaking Sales Startups Defining New York’s Business Landscape in 2023

As technology bolsters innovation, New York based startups are making groundbreaking strides in the sales industry. From AI-powered predictive analytics platforms, to tech-enabled optical studios, creative sales solutions are on the rise. These Empire State entrepreneurs are reshaping the future of sales through the power of digital technology. Below are some interesting sales Startups from New York, New York.

Each of these startups brings a unique quality to the sales industry. Their businesses, although distinct, are all fuelled by an unimaginable drive to provide exceptional service to their customers. They boast a variety of specialties – from lead generation, retail, real estate, entertainment, to consulting services. Here’s a deep dive into each of them:

Let’s explore the compelling tales of these startups, the founders behind them, and the innovative solutions that make them stand out in the crowd.


BuyerSight is an AI and predictive analytics platform that empowers leaders of customer-facing teams. It offers leadership acceleration for revenue teams, significantly enhancing their performance. Founded by Brian Lee and Scott Lichtenstein, BuyerSight aims to revolutionize the sales landscape with its progressive technologies. BuyerSight


Founded by Alexandre Jais, Corentin Macias, and Idan Cohen, Heywear provides prescription eyewear and eye-care through a tech-enabled optical studio. They have carved a niche in the health and retail technology sectors, serving high-quality eye-care and eyewear with swift and excellent service. Heywear

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Barker Consulting

Specializing in customer service, sales, and professional development, Barker Consulting is a reputable firm in the direct marketing and sales landscape. Founded by Scott Barker, the firm offers comprehensive business solutions to its clientele. Barker Consulting


Nirob Ahmed, Panna Khan, and Suleman Ahmed launched Leadus to ease the sales process by reducing time spent finding and reaching out to leads. They help teams dedicate more time to closing deals. Leadus stands as a beacon of efficiency in the advertising and B2B sectors. Leadus

RedZed Group

Spearheaded by Jason Burr, RedZed Group provides Business Development as a Service (BDaaS), serving as both Inside Sales & Outside Business Development arm for its clientele. They offer consulting services, business development, and strives to bring innovation to the business sphere. RedZed Group

BH Realty Group

As a residential real estate brokerage, BH Realty Group specializes in landlord representation, leasing, sales and marketing. They have carved a niche in the real estate industry with their comprehensive range of services. BH Realty Group


SalesGevity provides sales consulting solutions. They are committed to leveraging their expertise in business development, consulting, and corporate training to help businesses attain their sales goals. SalesGevity

Agency 967

Agency 967 is a marketing firm that specializes in the sale of high-end furniture and lighting brands. Founded by Idan Ryan and Misha Bedner, the company showcases brands like Dedon, Gloster, Bermanfalk, Chapman, and Lorts. Agency 967


Founded by Ron Greenberg, Growbilize is a strategic consultancy that helps sales and marketing teams optimally align their operations. They offer consulting, CRM, marketing, and sales services to their clients.Growbilize

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Champion Sales & Marketing

Champion Sales & Marketing provides sales and marketing campaigns, CRM development, and consulting services. They’re a comprehensive marketing agency committed to delivering exceptional outcomes for their clients. Champion Sales & Marketing


Prioritix is a novel ticket distribution service that promises Broadway fans their season subscription in under an hour. The firm aims to increase accessibility and efficiency in the entertainment ticketing segment. Prioritix

Cloudonix, Inc.

Co-founded by Eric Klein and Nir Simionovich, Cloudonix pioneers in transforming existing omnichannel into communication channels that accelerate sales and increase customer satisfaction. Using their voice technology, they’re revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. Cloudonix, Inc.

Salesbolt, Inc.

Founded by Craig Maxwell and Stony Grunow, Salesbolt, Inc. offers SaaS, LinkedIn integration for Salesforce, thereby facilitating seamless lead management and sales automation. Salesbolt, Inc.


Co-founded by Leetal Gruper and Sergey Bahchissaraitsev, Tarci seeks to enhance ROI by deriving insights from dynamic data. They’re renowned for their innovative approaches in predictive analytics, sales, and software. Tarci


With its AI-Powered Revenue Growth solutions, Aptivio stands out in the world of analytics, artificial intelligence, and sales. Founded by Christopher Even and Guy Mounier, the firm employs cutting-edge AI and machine learning to drive growth. Aptivio

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