Chicago’s Dominant Digital Marketing Startups Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Landscape

Chicago, the Windy City, home to deep-dish pizza, the Chicago Cubs and a vibrant tech scene, is a blossoming ground for an array of digital marketing startups. These fresh, innovative businesses are revolutionizing how brands connect with their consumers, tailoring unique services to cater to the ever-evolving digital landscape. In a city that prides itself on harnessing the power of digital tools for growth and scalability, these startups are examples of Chicago’s innovative spirit and tenacity.

From advancing the integration of AI in marketing strategies to boosting brand-customer relationships with unique software tools, Chicago’s digital marketing startups offer a wide range of services bound to meet any brand’s needs. The wealth and diversity of digital marketing startups in the city offer a great opportunity for businesses looking to enhance their digital strategies to connect with their target audience more effectively.

These startups are not just businesses, they are stories of ambition, innovation and drive. Their unique ideas and offerings flow right into Chicago’s entrepreneurial spirit, creating a digital marketing ecosystem as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. Here are some of the unique startups poised to take the marketing world by storm:


Key is a fan relationship platform that empowers talent by giving them the control. Founded by Evan Wayne and Stephanie Biegel, the platform involves brand marketing, content marketing, data visualization and digital marketing. It’s an innovative SaaS tool that effectively brings change in the marketing sector.

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SiteVibes, led by Mike Matker, is a shopper experience platform that helps ecommerce businesses boost their growth by leveraging their customer loyalty, product reviews and more. It operates in the digital marketing, digital media, and social media industries.

Burnt Waffle Marketing

Burnt Waffle Marketing, founded by Sarah Achler, is a marketing agency providing strategies, branding, SEO, social media content, and website design services. It specializes in digital marketing and web design.

Garrison Olson

Garrison Olson is a platform that connects brands with their audiences. Founded by Kyle Olson and Ryan Garrison, the company provides expertise in fields like advertising, digital marketing, internet, marketing, and public relations.

Digital 200

Digital 200 is a company known for its web and mobile development services in the realm of digital marketing. They provide a variety of advertising and digital marketing services.

Coact Agency

Coact Agency is a creative digital agency providing services such as advertising, digital marketing, UX Design, Web Design, and Web Development.


Geletka+ offers brand identity, digital content, and web development services. With expertise in brand marketing and digital marketing, they are a force to be reckoned within the industry.

Ruby Thunders

Ruby Thunders is a collective of freelance software developers and project managers keen on digital marketing, project management, and web development.

Visual Feeder

Visual Feeder founded by Eddie Yang and Yaxi Yang, specialize in lighting up city streets with full-motion advertising on high-traffic commercial retail locations. They cross paths with digital marketing, digital media, and entertainment industries.


Traekam, steered by founder Levi Wilcox, deals in A.I. Digital Twins that personalize the journey, engagement, and conversation for each fan of a given musician. They deploy artificial intelligence in digital marketing.

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AGH Digital PR

AGH Digital PR is a public relations management company offering digital marketing, social media advertising, and social content services.

Digi Chicago

Digi Chicago is another digital marketing company whose specialty lies in content development, SEO, and web design.

Jump Seat

Jump Seat specializes in demand budgeting, compound marketing, strategy advisory, and digital marketing services.

Smallwave Marketing

Smallwave Marketing, founded by Audrey Hutnick and Katy Oakley, is a digital marketing agency that provides content marketing and brand marketing services.

First Position Digital Solutions

First Position Digital Solutions helps brands and agencies reach, engage, and activate their audience digitally. The company’s industry focus is advertising, digital marketing, and marketing.

In conclusion, these Chicago based startups are pushing digital marketing boundaries and creating innovative solutions to connect brands with their consumers. There is no doubt that by leveraging the services of these startups, brands can enhance their marketing strategies and achieve greater success in their digital endeavors.

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