Chicago’s Influential E-Commerce Startups Shaping Future Retail Landscape

Chicago, the land of opportunities, innovation, and home to some of the most interesting startups, is rapidly becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurship. Known for its vibrant technology, commerce, and creative sectors, it’s not surprising that Chicago is emerging as a leading hub of e-commerce startups. These startups are transforming the shopping experience by leveraging technology to create unique, customer-centric platforms. Amidst an impressive array of Chicago-founded startups, here’s a closer look at some of the most innovative and exciting e-commerce startups making their mark in the Windy City.

But it’s not just about contributing to a booming industry; these startups are solving genuine consumer problems and reshaping the e-commerce landscape for the better. From utilizing artificial intelligence to streamline operations, enhancing product discoverability for direct to consumer brands, to creating simplified support systems for people coping with cancer, these startups are uniquely positioned at the intersection of innovation and commerce. Their impact is not just confined to Chicago or the United States but extends globally, echoing the influence of their innovative e-commerce solutions.

These startups, amidst challenging times, and a fiercely competitive market, continue to thrive and grow. We have assembled a collection of Chicago’s most promising and interesting e-commerce startups that not only exhibit great potential for growth but also present a dynamic amalgamation of technology, innovation, and market savvy. They truly represent the best of what Chicago e-commerce has to offer.


Mavely is a booming startup focusing on solving the escalating problem of high Customer Acquisition Costs for direct-to-consumer brands. Founded by Evan Wray, Peggy O’Flaherty, and Sean O’Brien, Mavely strives to enhance product discovery while empowering everyday families with an additional income stream.

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Addressing the critical need for businesses to offer sophisticated 3D product visualizations, levAR presents a tech-oriented solution. This AR platform was co-founded by Daniel Esrig, Tre Lucas, and Tyler Blake, and is designed to bolster the customer experience and help e-commerce companies flourish.


SiteVibes, founded by Mike Matker, is a unique shopper experience platform. It helps e-commerce businesses to fuel their growth through product Reviews, Loyalty, and other customer-centric functionalities.


With its e-commerce expertise focused on the sports industry, HoloGear has carved its niche as an innovative sporting goods company.

Leafy Quick

Leafy Quick is an e-commerce platform that facilitates legal access to CBD products. It offers a versatile range of products including oils, flowers, and gummies.


GreenPost has emerged as an established wholesaler in the e-commerce space, specializing in gummies, flowers, and disposable vapes.

Hyaluron Pen Store

With a focus on beauty and aesthetics, Amangeldi Kanat uulu’s start-up, the Hyaluron Pen Store offers beauty devices and consumables for aesthetics in an easy-to-accessible online store.

Sales Tax Ninjas

Sales Tax Ninjas, come under the leadership of Fred Lundin, provides e-commerce business consulting in the financial sector, specifically encompassing sales tax, integrating e-commerce and information technology.

Boxed Halal

Boxed Halal, started by Ibrahim Ali, delivers Zabiah Halal meat directly to customers’ doorsteps, revolutionizing the food delivery sector in the e-commerce industry.

Neural Trend

Combining artificial intelligence with big data, Dip Majumder and Tina Djenge’s startup, Neural Trend, significantly shortens the gap between retail supply and consumer demand. Innovating in the retail technology and software industry, the platform is set to redefine e-commerce.

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Jetson Health

Jetson Health, under the leadership of Jessie Goldberg, Kiley Anderson, and Stefan Weitz, offers seasonally tailored probiotics, understanding and catering to the human body’s changing needs across seasons.

The Desire Company

The Desire Company, co-founded by Eric Sheinkop and Judith Levey Sheinkop, offers a modern, bite-sized, and shoppable platform for e-learning.

Closest Closet

Closest Closet is a unique e-commerce platform that serves as a circular marketplace for used fashion. Founders Danielle Osborne and Steven Tazic have created a community where members use their items as currency.


Co-founded by Kathleen Brown, buddhi is a digital platform that provides support for people coping with cancer. By merging commerce, healthcare, and social impact, buddhi is on a mission to reimagine online support systems.


Innovating in the home improvement sector, Improovy is working on redefining how homeowners hire and work with painting contractors. Spearheaded by Andre Kazimierski, this startup successfully combines building maintenance, e-commerce and software to provide efficient services.

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