Discovering Top Chicago Consulting Startups Influencing Business Trends in 2023

Welcome to a thrilling exploration of established and emerging consulting startups based in the innovative hub that is Chicago, Illinois. Each startup featured in this article provides a unique blend of offerings, tackling various industries with unique solutions and strategies. Some are focused on the tech sector, others specialize in health care, some offer comprehensive business solutions, while others work on attracting global firms and brands. Regardless of their core areas, they share a common trait: an unwavering commitment to meeting their clients’ needs and impacting their respective industries positively. Let’s dive in.

Hamster Garage

Founded by Faique Moqeet and Imran Shamim, Hamster Garage is a notable startup that focuses on management consulting, marketing, and service industry solutions for global brands. Their standout offering is partnerships and affiliate management services, delivering cohesive collaboration strategies in the advertising field.

Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres

Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres, founded by Drew Beres, Jessica Fairchild, and Lisa Duarte, is an influential business law firm providing consulting services and legal support for investors, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and growth-stage startups.

Armitage Advisors

Next we have Armitage Advisors, a management consulting firm that specializes in providing strategic advisory and execution support to companies in the healthcare sector. As a firm, they bring together advice, consulting, and healthcare solutions.

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Doctums Global

Wesley Matthews, at the helm of Doctums Global, offers educational administration, management, and advisory services based on technology to institutions and vendors. Their consulting solutions are rooted in education and advice.

Helios Healthcare Advisors

Helios Healthcare Advisors is a consulting firm focused on the financial services sector. They provide strategic and financial advice, specializing in healthcare. is an IT service company that provides process automation, business intelligence, email support, and concierge services. Their solutions blend consulting and marketing automation services.

Cuesta Partners

Founded by Thomas Derhake, Cuesta Partners provides consultancy services to private equity firms and corporations, specialising in the areas of consulting, cyber security, and the small and medium business segment.

Never Peak Consultants

Never Peak Consultants works with clients to design and implement comprehensive solutions. They focus on business intelligence, consulting, and professional services.

Oya Solutions

Oya Solutions is a provider of contract lifecycle management solutions, offering their experience in consulting, management consulting, outsourcing, project management, and software.

Blueprint Advisory

Founded by Brandon Metcalf and Kabe Vanderbaan, Blueprint Advisory is renowned for their Salesforce consulting, software development, and business advisory services, with a main focus on IT and software industries.


Founded by David Britton, ProdRocket operates as a startup studio, offering services to validate, launch & scale delightful products across industries like app marketing, web development, and software.

Numerus Capital

Numerus Capital is a digital transformation provider offering fintech consulting services and financial advisories.

Proper Consulting Group

Proper Consulting Group is a healthcare management consulting agency offering solutions from pharmacy pricing management to clinical analytics.

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Fred Lundin CPA LLC

Founded by Fred Lundin, Fred Lundin CPA LLC operates as a virtually-based CPA accounting & technology consulting firm, offering their expertise in accounting and management consulting for SMBs.

Innovative Wellness

Founded by Rahul Khare, Innovative Wellness offers services centered around cannabis education, consulting, and health care. Their services include cannabis strain consulting and CBD products.

These startups, while varied in their specialty focus, serve to underline Chicago’s dynamic and innovative ecosystem. We look forward to observing their continued growth and their future impacts on their respective industries. Plus, they are not alone – there are other remarkable startups in Chicago that are equally worth exploring.

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