Influential Consumer Startups Reshaping Market Landscape in Chicago, Illinois

In the entrepreneurial realm of the Windy City, Chicago, Illinois, a multitude of innovative startups are transforming the consumer landscape. From e-commerce to food and beverage, and wellness to technology, the diversity and impressive ideas behind these startups are not only addressing customer needs but paving the way for future changes in consumer industries. Here, we reveal some of the most intriguing consumer-centric startups in Chicago that are significantly contributing to the American startup ecosystem.

These startups are disrupting traditional business models in various sectors including consumer goods, nutrition, web design, finance, advertising, and many more. They are revolutionizing the ways consumers shop, eat, nourish, interact and perform everyday tasks. Whether it’s through cutting-edge technology or unique services, each of these startups is significantly contributing to improving the consumer experience, enhancing lifestyles and creating a benchmark in their respective industries.

Let us guide you through some of the groundbreaking consumer startups based in the visionary city of Chicago. The following details provide a snapshot of the exciting companies helping to shape the consumer industry of the future:


Founded by Evan Wray, Peggy O’Flaherty, and Sean O’Brien, Mavely is an influential startup within the Consumer Goods and E-Commerce space. It targets the pressing issue of the increasing Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) for Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands while bolstering product discovery and generating alternative income avenues for everyday families.

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Pepper is a truly unique venture that is redefining the relationship between nutrition and home cooking. Spearheaded by Andrei Hogea and Mihai Hogea, Pepper operates in the Consumer Electronics, Nutrition, and Wellness industry as a personalized nutritionist, empowering people to master control over what they eat at home.

Benestar Brands

Operating as a diverse food and beverage company, Benestar Brands boasts a premier range of snack products, including pork rinds and corn tortilla chips. Led by Irlanda Montes, the company pads its portfolio with everyday consumables that are beloved by consumers.

LifeWeb 360

LifeWeb 360, co-founded by Ali Briggs, offers a digital space in the Consumer Software, Funerals, Social Media, and Wellness industries where people can honor the significant individuals in their lives that make existence worthwhile. It’s a profound reflection on the ties that bind us in life and death.

rSquared CRE

Serving the commercial real estate market, rSquared CRE is a leading company in the Consumer Software industry specializing in real estate technology applications.


Co-founded by Lina Pakrosnyte, Plantify is a consumer services company in the Consumer and Web Design sectors that is changing the way design impacts our everyday lives.

Le Monte Coffee

As a distinguished Coffee wholesaler, Le Monte Coffee‘s mission is to invigorate cities by distributing high-quality coffee beans to community cafes. Their contributions to the Consumer Goods and Wholesale industries are impressive and have carved a unique niche for them.


Fillow is a dynamic startup in the Consumer, Consumer Goods, and Women’s industries. The company intends to disrupt the feminine hygiene industry with durable, convenient, leak-free, and mess-free period products for women.

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Proper Rate

In the Consumer Lending, Finance, Financial Services, and Lending sectors, Proper Rate stands tall as a mortgage company that provides an extensive selection of lending programs and services for home buyers and owners.


ChefWorthy provides an online portal for the Food and Beverage industry where users can write and browse reviews about food service equipment, also expanding into the Consumer Reviews and Online Portals sectors.


Co-founded by David Brost, Qilo offers residential customers the price transparency and useful insights they need to manage their energy usage, conserve finances, and reduce emissions, setting benchmarks in the Consumer Goods industry.

No Walls Studio

Offering a range of advertising services, No Walls Studio, led by Jake Rynar, works across the Advertising, Consumer, Graphic Design, and Marketing industries to assist businesses in reaching their audience.

AH Blackmore

AH Blackmore contributes to the Consumer Electronics, Food and Beverage, Food Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Manufacturing, and Professional Services sectors with management consulting services that specialize in diligence, M&A, manufacturing, and industrial assembly.


Founded by Brandon Jahner and Cheryl Kemp, indiFIT is a business management tool for fitness instructors, making waves in the Consumer, Fitness, and Health Care industries.

TAPcentric, Inc.

David Adler’s venture, TAPcentric, Inc., is a technology company that develops differentiated software and hardware for the modern work experience and future of work. They are rapidly evolving in the Communication Hardware, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Software, and Enterprise Software sectors.

Innovation arises from necessity, and these startups all address key issues in their respective industries. They remind us that in Chicago, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and flourishing, driving advancements in many consumer sectors. Through their ingenuity, these startups inspire others to challenge the status quo, no matter where they are.

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