Disruptive Austin Insurance Startups Transforming Industry Landscape in 2023

Located in the heart of Texas, Austin is known for both its vibrant music scene and booming tech industry. However, Austin is also a thriving hub for startups trying to change the face of insurance, an industry that, covering motor, life, health, and property, among others, made an impressive $1.32 trillion in net premiums in the US alone in 2020. To bring more attention to this bustling hive of innovation, we’ve put together a list of the most exciting insurance startups currently nestled in the heartland of American ingenuity.

These startups, ranging from AI-driven platforms to educational loan focus points, are developing innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of consumers. They are transforming the traditional insurance market by integrating technology into their services, all the while ensuring their offerings are fair, accessible, and equitable. The insurance landscape in Austin is, without a doubt, poised to walk the path of growth, evolution, and development.

So, let’s delve in and acquaint ourselves with fifteen such startups from Austin that are making ripples in the insurance domain. Remember, these innovative enterprises embody the unique blend of Texan resolve and the pioneering American spirit.

Sigo Seguros

An auto insurance company, Sigo Seguros has made it their mission to provide readily accessible insurance services. The brainchild of Julio Erdos and Nestor Solari, Sigo Seguros sits firmly at the intersection of Auto Insurance, Financial Services, Insurance, and InsurTech.

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Altway Insurance

Altway Insurance is an AI-driven platform that leverages technology to streamline insurance brokerage. Pioneered by Brendan McCord, the platform spans Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Insurance, and InsurTech industries.

Xantos Labs

Designed as an online mobile application, Xantos Labs builds and manages portfolios of people, aiding in their investment journey. Xantos Labs takes a novel approach to the Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, Insurance, and Mobile Apps domains.

Jump Finance

Jump Finance specializes in offering educational loans to students. It fills a crucial gap in the Finance, Financial Services, and Insurance industries.


An insurance broker that delivers more than just the usual, ExperINS provides business and benefits advisory services. Working in the sectors of Advice, Employee Benefits, and Insurance, ExperINS is a one-of-a-kind venture.

Gonzalez Public Affairs and Consulting

Delving into the advisory domain, Gonzalez Public Affairs and Consulting is a comprehensive consulting, lobby, business strategy, and PAC development firm, covering the Advice, Consulting, Insurance, and Public Relations sectors.


Founded by Fred Turner, Isaac Turner, and Vlad Slepnev, Curative stands out with its unique blend of health insurance provision and COVID-19 testing and vaccination services. Its roots are strongly anchored in the Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Health Insurance, Medical, Medical Device, and Personal Health sectors.


Another AI success story, BlueNote uses artificial intelligence to deliver superior targeting, selection, and pricing of risk in the insurance industry, breaking new ground in Artificial Intelligence, Insurance, InsurTech, and Machine Learning.

Agent Fischer – State Farm Insurance Agent

The go-to platform for a free car insurance quote and comparison in Texas, Agent Fischer has managed to carve out a niche for itself in the Auto Insurance industry.

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Covie pioneers a platform that bridges the gap between innovative businesses and insurance data. The brainchild of Ian Littman, Trent Harvey, and Will Dearie, it is a pioneer in the Insurance, InsurTech, and Software industries.


Fast and affordable landlord insurance are not just words for Steadily. The enterprise was conceived by Darren Nix, Datha Santomieri, and David Tulig, and operates within the Commercial Insurance, Insurance, and Property Insurance domains.


Melding AI-technology with big data and telematics, LOOP creates more equitable insurance products. The venture is a combined effort of Carey Anne Nadeau, John Henry, and John Henry Matos and sits in the Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, Insurance, and InsurTech industries.


A digital-first platform that resonates with the contemporary insurance sector, QuoteWell has established itself as a key player in the Information Technology and Insurance industry.


CrowdHealth is changing how we approach health insurance by helping people find quality and fairly priced care. Founded by Andy Schoonover, CrowdHealth is a standout in the Health Care, Health Insurance, and Information Technology fields.

Trucking Insurance Services Of Texas

With a focus on renters, commercial auto, contractors, and retail store insurance, Trucking Insurance Services Of Texas is a trailblazer in the Auto Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Consulting, Financial Services, and Insurance sectors.

In conclusion, these Austin-based startups are opening doors to new ways of handling insurance, changing the game as we know it. With their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative solutions, they’re set to redefine the insurance space. So, keep an eye out for these ventures as they continue to heat up Austin’s startup scene!

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