Top Influential Austin Based Internet Startups Dominating the 2023 Landscape

The deep-rooted culture of innovation in Austin, Texas is a reflection of the city’s dynamic and up-and-coming startup ecosystem. From providing solutions for industrial automation to developing platforms for booking and financing wedding services, startups in Austin are rapidly scaling, attracting capital, and serving a wide array of industries. Here is a list of some noteworthy startups that have established a significant presence in the region.

Embracing cutting-edge technology and harnessing the power of the Internet, these startups are making an impact not only within local communities, but also globally. They are shaping industries, shifting paradigms, and leading change. This list of startups is indicative of the versatile capabilities that Austin possesses and is a testament to the fertile ground for entrepreneurs in the city.

It is noteworthy that the startup ecosystem in Austin is thriving despite the recent economic uncertainties. The spirit of resilience that is infused in these startups seems to be an inherent trait amongst Austinites, and their stories are worth showcasing. Let’s take a look at these startups and delve deeper into their offerings and achievements.


Sumatra is a promising startup helping businesses in decision making by automating ideas into reality. Their sophisticated performance data-enrichment platform and end-to-end services serve industries like consulting, industrial automation, and the internet.


Co-founded by James Hancock and Joshua Seagroves, Parasanti aims to transform the world’s edge infrastructure. The company provides solutions for a plethora of sectors including agriculture, machine learning, government and more.

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BrewStubs is an interesting startup offering an online platform for craft beverage enthusiasts. It empowers users to discover and purchase craft beverages while supporting the craft beer, food, and beverage industry.

Gyde Marketing

Gyde Marketing, a community of elite marketing and design professionals, provides advertising and internet services to businesses ranging from small scale to multinational corporations.

Waterloo Media

Specializing in radio advertising, Waterloo Media caters to sectors such as advertising, audio, broadcasting, and media and entertainment, making it a significant player in their domain.


heybaby dives into the dating industry with its unique dating app platform that provides a fresh perspective when it comes to finding love via the internet.


Turning competition and incentives into a simple user experience, Yesimo specializes in developing internet software that brings gamification and rewards under one roof.

Home Now

Home Now offers an automated preventative maintenance platform for buildings. Their technology has been pivotal in the internet, building maintenance, and software industry.

LivSafe Solutions

LivSafe Solutions provides automated management systems for exit and emergency lighting devices in higher education ecosystems, playing a crucial role in the Internet of Things industry.


Tasket is an innovative e-commerce platform offering payment services for various online services.


Founded by Gaetan Ekoondo, ComeClosely is a mobile app that enhances users’ interaction with the platform creating memorable moments while attending live events.

Renoster Systems

Renoster Systems, co-founded by Saif Bhatti, aims to encourage environment safety by providing climate sensing technology, and remote data in nature preserves, also making a mark in the software and Internet of Things industry. Visit their website here.

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Established by Derrick Agyiri and Gloria Oppong, is a technology provider that matches homeowners, offices, and short-term rentals with cleaners on demand, catering to numerous industries like apps, home services, internet, vacation rentals, and more.


Founded by Rumaiza Fathima Ali, Wedy is the world’s first booking and financing marketplace for the wedding industry. With their platform, managing a wedding’s various element becomes hassle-free.


Cofounded by Dan Schoonmaker, Casts is a new age podcast streaming platform developed to help users discover new shows around their interests, thereby transforming the podcasting, software, internet, and media and entertainment industries.

In conclusion, these startups, representative of Austin’s vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, continue to push boundaries, redefine limits, and inspire innovation. Hailed for their creative approaches and resourceful solutions, these ventures are undeniably contributing to the city’s robust growth and its reputation as a burgeoning startup hub. The entrepreneurial journey of these businesses serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.

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