Dynamic Miami FinTech Startups Shaping America’s Financial Innovation Landscape

Your guide to the Miami, Florida, FinTech startup scene should not stand without the mention of the following startups. These businesses have garnered considerable attention in the FinTech industry for their forward-thinking solutions to longstanding financial service challenges. Ranging in services from cryptocurrency infrastructure to digital lending platforms, these startups all share a common thread: the commitment to revolutionizing the financial sector using technology. Stay with us in the next paragraphs as we take a deep dive into some of the most exciting FinTech startups in Miami, Florida.


MoonPay leads the ranks of Miami FinTech startups. MoonPay is a fintech company specializing in building payments infrastructure for crypto. The founders of MoonPay understand the importance of cryptocurrency in today’s financial landscape, ensuring secure and reliable platforms for transactions.


Next up is Milo, whose founders are reimagining the way global consumers access credit and financial solutions with cryptocurrency. Visit Milo to view their innovative offerings in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, and Lending.


Founders Adam Green and Steve Gross are bringing fixed income investing into the 21st century with YieldX. Their comprehensive digital platform powers customization at scale. For more information, visit YieldX.


OKY caters to immigrants in the US, providing them digital access to prepaid payment solutions. Founders Alejandro Miron, Estuardo Figueroa, and Santiago Rossi are also offering consumer engagement technologies to merchants for increased convenience. Discover more at OKY.

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At BucksApp, founders Percy Grundy and Sebastian Romero are transforming the banking experience for customers. Visit their website to learn more about their unique FinTech and SaaS offerings.


Lazo, founded by Juan Manuel Barrero, helps users understand and manage their taxes, accounting, and finances through its cloud-based platform. Check out their services at Lazo.


Next up is Lynk, a capital markets FinTech enabling asset managers to effortlessly convert investment strategies into globally traded securities. Visit Lynk to learn more about their services.


Loanpass, founded by Bill Roy, has created a digital lending platform offering streamlined portfolio underwriting, funds processing, and loan pricing solutions. Visit Loanpass for more information.

Global Primex

Next is Global Primex, where founder Marek Sala offers first-class FinTech solutions along with digital alternative payments, providing payment solutions for their merchant network and customers. Check out Global Primex for more details.


At QUASH.AI, founders Victor Otazú and Yoel Gavlovski provide platforms for financial institutions to enhance their return on prospecting to new and existing borrowers. Explore their offerings at QUASH.AI.


With Previsio, you receive personalized lifestyle planning tools to form solid financial plans in alignment with your goals and good financial practices. Find out more from founders Blaine Laughlin, Robert Kempf, and Scott Strong at Previsio.


Lendai founders Boaz Leviatan, Erez Dricker, and Tim Mironov aim to revolutionize the real estate industry with their FinTech offerings. Visit them at Lendai to learn more.


Founders Harry Hurst, Josh Mangel, and Zain Allarakhia of Pipe have created a global trading platform for recurring revenue streams. Find out more at Pipe.

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CLYPR Technologies

CLYPR Technologies, founded by Carlos Banks, offers a Booking and Payment mobile application that connects barbers with their clients. Find out more at CLYPR Technologies.


Last but not least, Marco, founded by Jacob Shoihet and Peter Spradling, provides a tech-enabled financing platform designed exclusively for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn more at Marco.

In conclusion, the Miami FinTech startup scene is thriving with a myriad of innovative solutions to make financial services not only more accessible but also more efficient for everyone.

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