Emerging Influential Lending Startups Transforming Miami’s Financial Scene

Florida’s vibrant startup scene is no secret, particularly in the world of lending startups. Miami, in particular, has broadened its entrepreneurial landscape with a focus on financial innovation. This article presents some of the exciting lending startups based in Miami, Florida. These companies span various lending sectors, from digital lending and mortgage services to insurance and financial services, offering innovative solutions in the fintech realm.

What makes Miami a hotbed for these startups certainly includes the city’s financial environment. Miami is recognized as an international banking center hosting numerous national and international banks. This setting provides an advantageous platform for startups to launch and scale given the existing financial structure. Additionally, the city’s diversely international population can cogently resonate with startups looking to extend their reach in various markets.

Let’s dive in and explore some of these startups. We will provide a quick bio, description of their service, and, where possible, information about their founders.


Milo is a financial technology company that leverages blockchain technology to transform how consumers access credit and financial solutions. This startup operates within various industries, such as cryptocurrency, lending, credit, and fintech. It was founded by Josip Rupena.


Loanpass is a digital lending platform designed to automate crucial aspects of lending, including portfolio underwriting, funds processing, and loan pricing. Its services sit at the crossroads of software, fintech, and lending. Among the founders of this startup is Bill Roy.

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Lendz Financial

Focused on providing mortgage lending services, Lendz Financial offers its services to retail clients and foreign nationals in the U.S. Founded by PJ Harley, this financial company is dedicated to servicing small and medium businesses.

HG Capital

HG Capital specializes in providing commercial real estate lending and advisory services to business owners, developers, and investors. Their industry focus includes advice, commercial lending, and financial services.

Revival Capital

Offering a diverse portfolio of services, Revival Capital provides loan and mortgage services, brokerage, consulting, property management, and financial consulting. Bryan Acosta is among the founders of this lending startup.

Money Lending USA

Money Lending USA delivers a full suite of financing solutions, including equipment leasing, cash advances, debt restructuring, and loans. These services are particularly aimed at aiding credit seekers.


QUASH.AI offers a unique approach to borrowing. This fintech startup aspires to improve financial institutions’ return on prospecting to new and existing customers. This venture has been launched by founders Victor Otazú and Yoel Gavlovski.


Marco is a tech-enabled financing platform crafted to serve the financial needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The company was founded by Jacob Shoihet and Peter Spradling.

KEO World

KEO World presents digital inventory financing and B2B payment solutions to facilitate the financial process between buyers and suppliers. The founders of KEO World are Paolo Fidanza and Veronica Crisafulli.

Drive Now Auto Finance

Drive Now Auto Finance specializes in providing loans for automobile purchases, thereby finding its niche in the automotive finance industry.

Bayside Funding

Bayside Funding is a financial services company with industry affiliations in banking, financial services, lending, and real estate investment.

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Miami Mortgage Advisors

Miami Mortgage Advisors, founded by Jason Hackworth and Shawn McMahon, is a brokerage firm that offers diverse lending options, including conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Non-agency, and private lending.


Founded by Luca Dahlhausen, realfinity is a financial and information service provider that allows lenders, builders, and real estate brokers to share property data and mortgage products throughout the real estate lifecycle.

Key to Life Financial

Key to Life Financial is an insurance and financial services company that specializes in small business finance. It particularly focuses on providing services in commercial lending and life insurance.

Sunbridge Capital Partners

Sunbridge Capital Partners is an investment management firm that offers services in fund investment, compliance, micro lending, and trading platforms.

The diversity of these lending startups in Miami is a testament to the city’s vibrant and entrepreneurial spirit. As these startups continue to innovate and disrupt traditional financial norms, they are set to redefine lending in Miami and beyond.

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