Exploring Influential AI Startups Dominating Mountain View, California in 2023

Mountain View, a city in California, United States is a breeding ground for dynamic artificial intelligence startups. This sunny Silicon Valley city is home to a cluster of inventive startups that are leveraging cutting-edge technology to create revolutionary products and services. Their impact is far-reaching, transforming industries and redefining customer experiences across the globe. From automating workflows and customer interaction systems to creating advanced machine learning platforms, these startups are at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, using AI to craft the future of business.

In this roundup, we introduce you to several exciting AI startups from Mountain View. Each boasts its own unique value proposition, and all are contributing to the evolution of artificial intelligence in unique and fascinating ways. We explore their unique offerings, delve into their origins, and highlight their contributions to the AI landscape.

So, come join us for a journey into the thriving world of AI startups right in the heart of Mountain View!

Level AI

Founded by Ashish Nagar, Level AI is a platform that automates monotonous workflows and revamps customer interaction systems. Their amalgamation of Analytics, Information Technology, and Artificial Intelligence reshapes the way businesses run daily operations and interact with their customers.


Gradio, created by Abubakar Abid, Ali Abdalla, and Ali Abid, leverages AI and machine learning to enable rapid prototyping of machine learning models. Visit their website to explore their innovative services and solutions designed to simplify machine learning.

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VIABI offers a voice-activated virtual assistant to efficiently conduct business operations. Born out of a fusion of AI, IT, and software, their technology brings versatility to the office environment.


Delving deep into the realm of artificial intelligence, DATAZONE offers a dedicated Data Science platform. Visit their website to learn more about their advanced AI-based solutions.

Brain of the Store

George Shaw and Wanda Cheung founded Brain of the Store to bring the power of Real Time AI to the retail industry. Their products blend Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, and Software to deliver state-of-the-art solutions.


Also founded by George Shaw, Pathr.ai is an AI-powered spatial intelligence platform tapping into anonymous location data to transform operations and marketing strategies for businesses.


Growithis employs AI to provide smart conversational assistants for businesses, making customer interactions easier and more efficient than ever.


AMAI, founded by Max Baluev and Pavel Osokin, has developed ultra-realistic text-to-speech voice engines. Visit their website for a demo and more information about their amazing technology.


Founded by Kaspar Korjus, Kristjan Korjus, and Martin Rand, Pactum AI unlocks value for companies by enabling contract negotiation on an unprecedented scale. Their platform automates negotiations, saving ample time and resources.

Teamcal Ai

Founded by Lakshmi Chava and Raj Lal, Teamcal Ai enables meeting automation for modern managers. It streamlines and optimizes processes, bolstering productivity and transforming managerial tasks.


Crosscope was envisaged by Jayendra Shinde, Ketan Bacchuwar, and Puneet Pantane to build AI-based cancer diagnostic tools and digital pathology workflows. You can explore their groundbreaking work at their website.

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Algoritmi Vision

Specializing in multi-domain abstractive search summarization, among other things, Algoritmi Vision delivers AI-powered SaaS solutions to businesses across industries.


JobSeer is an AI-powered recruitment portal that vastly simplifies and accelerates the job search process for job seekers and the candidate search process for organisations.


Adrian Githuku and Evan Lee envisioned Sagelink to provide AI-powered workflow management solutions for customer success teams.


Founded by Michael Choupak, Stork combines AI with collaboration software to create a workspace for hybrid and remote teams. With Stork, teams can efficiently work together with the help of Artificial Professionals.

In summary, Mountain View is a nexus for exciting, innovative AI startups that are shaping the future of various industries. These startups highlight the city’s vibrant tech scene and its role as an incubator for AI-driven transformations.

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