Trailblazing Software Startups Revolutionizing Mountain View’s Tech Scene in 2023

In the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, California, is home to some of the world’s most innovative software startups. Their groundbreaking developments in machine learning, cyber security, tax filing automation, cloud orchestration and more, are reshaping businesses and changing our daily lives. Here, we spotlight fifteen such startups that are gaining attention in the tech industry for their innovative solutions and potential for massive growth.

The startups we’ll be exploring today have developed applications that range from AI assistants and contact management tools for businesses, to platforms for automated delivery and API tracking and management. Each one is unique in their approach, but they all share a common theme: utilizing technology to solve complex problems, streamline operations and push the boundaries of their respective industries.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at these promising startups that are paving the way for the future of software technology in Mountain View, California.


Founded by Dmitry Alexin, 1build is a startup that utilizes machine intelligence to transform building blueprints into material shopping lists and cost estimates. Focusing on the construction, machine learning and software industries, 1build is revolutionizing the way we approach building projects.


Tortoise, founded by David Graham and Dmitry Shevelenko, is an automated delivery platform primarily serving the retail and logistics industries. Through its cutting-edge computer and software solutions, Tortoise is simplifying delivery processes and increasing efficiency across multiple sectors.

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Founded by Ani Chaudhuri, David McCaw and Noah Johnson, Dasera has developed the DataGovOps platform that offers data protection by continually enforcing data governance policies throughout the data lifecycle. This smart solution brings much-needed balance to the cloud security, cyber security and software industries.


Neo.Tax, the brainchild of Ahmad Ibrahim, Firas Abuzaid and Stephen Yarbrough, is a tax filing and automation software that allows businesses to claim the R&D tax credit. Disrupting the accounting, fintech and software industry, Neo.Tax is set to change the way businesses approach tax filing.


Founded by David Lee and Pradeep Padala, Fylamynt is a cloud orchestration and automation platform that assists cloud engineers in codifying all aspects of their cloud workflow. Working within the cloud infrastructure, computer, SaaS and software industries, Fylamynt aims to simplify the way we use the cloud.


The team of Cameron Cooper, Matt Hawkins and Trung Vu brought us Hoss – an enterprise software company that helps teams make better API-driven products by tracking and managing the APIs they consume. With a special focus on apps, developer APIs, enterprise software, SaaS and software, Hoss is leading the way in API management.


Prompt, established by Vincent Liu, is a supercharged contacts app designed for busy professionals. It is carving a niche for itself in the contact management, productivity tools and software industry.

API Tracker

Another innovative startup by the team of Cameron Cooper, Matt Hawkins and Trung Vu, API Tracker specializes in tracking and managing APIs. This software company is revolutionizing the developer APIs, information technology and software industry.

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Moonstream, a software company founded by Neeraj Kashyap, assists in building, scaling and monitoring web3 games by providing tools to add on-chain game mechanics. Their work in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and software industry is worth keeping an eye on.


Brought into existence by Alexander Korznikov, Sergei Timoshenko and Sergey Voynov, G-71 provides the labeling technology LeaksID to deter leaks of sensitive documents. Active in the cybersecurity, identity management, information technology, network security, security and software industry, G-71 aims to make sensitive document handling safer.

Developed by Kevin Mullenex, Neeraj Kashyap and Sophia Aryan, improves user experience, usage metrics and crash reports for API through their software application. Focusing on the developer APIs, developer tools, enterprise software and software industry, is setting new benchmarks for API user experience.


VIABI, an AI voice-activated virtual assistant for businesses, is contributing to advancements in the artificial intelligence, information technology and software industry.

Brain of the Store

Helmed by George Shaw and Wanda Cheung, Brain of the Store brings real-time AI solutions for physical retail. Working in the analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and software industry, this startup is transforming retail operations.

Helmed by George Shaw, is an AI-powered Spatial Intelligence platform that uses anonymous location data to derive actionable real time insights for operations and marketing. A trailblazer in the artificial intelligence, machine learning and software industry, is making significant strides in data analysis.


Growithis is developing SaaS, AI for business, smart conversational assistant, bringing to table fresh and innovative solutions in the artificial intelligence, information technology, SaaS and software industry.

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In amidst of an ever-evolving software landscape, these Mountain View startups continue to push the envelope, presenting exciting possibilities for businesses and consumers alike. Keep them on your radar as they pioneer new paths in software development.

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