Exploring Influential Consumer Startups Revolutionizing LA Scene in 2023

Los Angeles, the city known for its beautiful sunsets and Hollywood magic, has become a thriving center for startups and entrepreneurship in recent years. Often referred to as “Silicon Beach,” the Californian city is bustling with innovative startups that are making waves across various industries. We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting consumer-focused startups in LA that are leading the way with their unique ideas and groundbreaking products.

Ranging from dog wellness brands to tattoo aftercare companies, and from community platforms to AI-driven interfaces, these startups are bringing incredible value to consumers while working towards a better future. The city’s rich cultural diversity, technological maturity, and creative flair make it the perfect breeding ground for these ventures which are set to shape the future of consumer industries.

Here is a deep dive into the fourteen notable startups, providing an insight into their vision, products, founders, and how they are reshaping their respective markets.

Valence Community

Founded by Emily Slade, Kobie Fuller, and La Mer Walker, Valence is a unique platform that traces its roots back to the digital revolution. The startup focuses on connecting, showcasing, and empowering the global black professional community, thus revolutionizing the Communities, Consumer, Information Technology, and Internet industries.


Jinx is a brainchild of Sameer Mehta and Terri Rockovich. This dog wellness brand is primarily selling dog foods online and is working towards reshaping the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Nutrition, and Wellness Industries.

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Mad Rabbit

Mad Rabbit is a tattoo aftercare brand founded by Oliver Zak and Selom Agbitor. Offering natural products for skin and tattoo maintenance, the startup is making its mark on the Consumer Goods and Cosmetics industry.


FlickPlay, founded by Pierina Merino, introduces a Web3 social app that enables users to create AR films using NFTs. This startup is at the forefront of integrating Blockchain, Consumer Software, and Internet technologies.

nFlux AI

nFlux AI, brought to life by Seyed Sajjadi, offers a unified integrated interface where users can gather information effectively and efficiently. The startup uses breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Consumer Research, and Product Research industries.

Ready Set Jet

Founded by Shalini Vadhera, Ready Set Jet is a mission-driven global luxury beauty and lifestyle brand aimed at the on-the-go generation. The startup is making waves in the consumer goods industry.

Moku Foods

Moku Foods, created by Matt Feldman and Melissa Facchina, sells mushroom jerky starter pack products, making an impressive impact on the Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, and Organic Food industries.

re_ grocery

Joseph Macrino and Lauren Macrino’s re_ grocery is a package-free grocery store offering access to affordable and healthy organic food. The startup is helping to remodel the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Grocery, Retail, Shopping, and Sustainability industries.

Day One Beverages

Day One Beverages, started by Chris Alfieri and Chris Clifford, offers sparkling CBD water that balances and renews. This startup is making a significant impact on the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and Food and Beverage industries.

Worth Network

Founded by Patrick Kim, Worth Network provides a way for restaurants to engage and build relationships with customers at each business location. This consumer-focused startup is modernizing the restaurant industry.

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Trousdale Ventures

Trousdale Ventures, led by Phillip Sarofim, is designing the future of Venture Capital, including Consumer Goods, Hospitality, Information Technology, Lifestyle, and Transportation sectors.

Home Alliance

Founded by Sardor Umrdinov, Home Alliance is an innovative platform for the future of the working home, shaping the Consumer, Home Services, and Information Technology industries.


Re is a lifestyle brand founded by Christen Press, Megan Rapinoe, and Meghan Klingenberg. The company offers customizable products and experiences for bold self-expression and non-binary design, influencing the Consumer Goods, Retail, Shopping arenas.

CRAVE Global

CRAVE Global is a full-service celebrity platform founded by Charles Kim, focusing on representing celebrities, influencers, sports, and entertainment properties in China. It is reshaping the Celebrity, Consumer, Media, and Entertainment spaces.


Finally, Saeidan is a remarkable startup led by Ken Williams and Riaz Ali. With its mission to bring clarity and confidence to Medicare plan selection, it is driving innovation in Consumer Applications, Health Care, Health Insurance, and InsurTech industries.

These startups, with their relentless passion and innovative ideas, are not just contributing to the growth of Los Angeles as a startup hub but are also driving the future of their respective industries. By embracing creativity and leveraging the power of technological advancements, these startups are expected to redefine consumer industries in the coming years.

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