Top Influential Social Startups Transforming New York Landscape in 2023

One of the most vibrant areas of startup innovation today is in the social sector, where startups are creating new platforms and services with a social impact focus. Whether it’s creating shared experiences, building communities, or fostering professional connections, these startups are adding new dimensions to how we interact online. From the heart of New York’s bustling startup scene, here are some noteworthy social startups that are worth keeping an eye on.

These startups feature a variety of solutions across diverse industries such as professional networking, subscription services, marketing automation, social networking, and more. Each startup on this list introduces a fascinating blend of technology and social connect, helping us step into the future of societal interaction.

Get ready to be inspired by the vision these startups bring, and the unique ways they approach some of the most pressing issues in society today. Without further ado, let’s dive into these forward-thinking organizations.


Chief is a private membership network committed to connecting and supporting women executive leaders. Founded by Carolyn Childers and Lindsay Kaplan, this startup operates in the fields of Communities, Professional Networking, Social Network, and Women’s industry.


Locals was created by Andrew Conru, Assaf Lev, and Dave Rubin. This startup makes it simple for creators to start a subscription-based community and make money directly from their supports. It operates in Media and Entertainment, Social Media, Software, Subscription Service industries.

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Lionize, founded by Chris Buetti, is a B2B software platform enabling brands to partner with influencers at scale. The startup operates in the Advertising, Internet, Marketing Automation, Social Media, and Software industries.


Adventurely, founded by Mita Carriman, is a social networking platform that connects digital nomads to each other and their new local communities. The startup’s focus areas include Communities, Social Impact, Social Network, Tourism, and Travel.

Break the Love

Break the Love was founded by Tess Szymanski, Tiffany Kelly, and Trisha Goyal. This innovative social network is unlocking access to racquet sport activities across underutilized spaces in the industry of Communities, Social Network, and Sports.


Playground, founded by Linda (Jia Ling) Yang, is a Web 3 social platform intentionally designed to connect people more deeply to the community and each other. The company operates in Industries such as Communities, Guides, Location Based Services, Mobile, Personalization, and Social Media.


Stakes, founded by Kevin W., is a social wagering platform for NFTs that transforms sports betting into a more social activity. The startup is engaged in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Sports industries.

Fourplay Social

Fourplay Social, founded by Danielle Dietzek and Julie Griggs, offers a mobile-first social network for single friends. Users can team up and then double date other pairs of friends. This startup serves the Apps, Dating, Mobile Apps, Social Network, and Software industries.


Clay is the brainchild of Matthew Achariam and Zachary Hamed. It provides the most beautiful and private home for the people and relationships in users’ lives, operating in the Computer, Contact Management, CRM, iOS, Product Design, Productivity Tools, Social CRM, Social Media, and Software industries.

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Stacks, co-founded by Danny Quick and Nathan McCartney, is a social video studio building the future of entertainment. It operates in the Audio, Internet, Media and Entertainment, Mobile, Music, Social, and Video industries.

Courier Newsroom

Courier Newsroom is a media company that publishes news and information on social media platforms and online channels to communities. It operates in the Media and Entertainment, News, Publishing, and Social Media industries.


minisocial, founded by Austin Rogers and Kirsten Baumberger, brands itself as the UGC Platform. It operates within the Content Creators, Content Marketing, and Social Media industries.

Quack – Friends of friends

Quack is the easiest way to make connections through people users trust – their friends. The startup operates in the Messaging, Mobile Apps, and Social Network industries.


Qaptum provides intelligent analytics for social networks, positioning itself in the Analytics and Social Media industry.

Oneshot App

Oneshot App is a photo and video capturing app, offering services within the Apps, Social Media, Software, and Video industries.

In conclusion, each of these startups brings an innovative approach to social connection, community-building, and digital interaction. By pushing the boundaries of their respective industries, these companies chart the course for the future of social interaction. Considering their diverse and innovative approaches, these startups are well-positioned to have a significant impact on the social sector globally.

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