Exploring Influential EdTech Startups Revolutionizing Education in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, while famous for Hollywood and its beautiful beaches, is also emerging as a hub for innovation in the startup realm. There has been a significant surge in the number of EdTech startups, each offering unique educational solutions to cater to the changing needs of today’s education ecosystem. This article highlights some of the captivating EdTech startups that have sprung up in the sunny city of Los Angeles.

These startups are leveraging technology in unique ways to enhance the traditional methods of learning and teaching. From providing strategic enterprise educational programs to developing an education software aimed at empowering educators, these EdTech startups display impressive diversity and innovation. The various tools, platforms, and services these companies provide are reshaping the education industry.

In addition to offering innovative education solutions, these startups are also contributing to the local economy by creating jobs and attracting investment. By doing so, they are playing a pivotal role in the strengthening and development of Los Angeles’ startup ecosystem. Here, we present some of these promising EdTech startups.


InStride, co-founded by Jonathan Lau, is a leading global provider of strategic enterprise education programs. Operating within various domains such as Continuing Education, E-Learning, EdTech, and Higher Education, this startup strives towards facilitating lifelong learning.

CoCo: My College Counselor

CoCo is a personal college counselor web app designed to keep high school students and their parents informed about college requirements. Although its website isn’t given, its unique service offering within the EdTech and Higher Education industry sets it apart.

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tive Technology

tive Technology, co-founded by Leif Martinoff, serves as a resource, a marketplace, a community, and an authentic platform within the Apps, Mobile Apps, EdTech, Social Media, and Social Network industry. It aims to bridge access and empowerment for its users.

Evolution Alliance

Evolution Alliance, developed by Jen Pumo, offers an innovative education software that empowers teachers and leaders in developing high-performing, learning-centered schools.


DailiesPods provides a unique platform focusing on bridging the gap between parents and students, meeting an important need within the EdTech and Secondary Education sector.


StartupStarter, an innovation by Jose Barrera, Lorel Scott, and Rohan Aurora, is the subscription business school for modern audiences, integrating Crowdfunding, EdTech, and Online Portals to redefine business education.

Amplify RJ

Founded by David Ryan Castro-Harris, Amplify RJ raises awareness of Restorative Justice philosophy, practices, and values by creating content and facilitating training.

Bray Media

Bray Media, a venture by Alan Bray, collapses various industries including Career Planning, EdTech, Internet, and SaaS, into a singular SaaS, CMS, Digital Media Marketplace, and Publication offering.


Mocaa, co-founded by Connie Zhang and Kerry Wang, is an education marketplace that connects college applicants with admissions consultants.


Founded by Gor Vardanyan and Misha Tenenbaum, EditMentor aims to empower people to tell impactful stories with video – the universal language and new essential form of literacy.


Collidescope.io, founded by Dan Thorman, Kittichai Jirasukhanon, and Nick Lynch, is a shared platform for services such as Impact As A Service Platform, Analytics, and EdTech.


Subject, co-founded by Felix Ruano, Jonathan Quiros, and Michael Vilardo, develops an accredited learning platform that provides a custom curriculum taught by teachers with cinematic quality.

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Ticket Tutors

Founders Adam Taheri, James Bamshad, and Tucker Ritti have made Ticket Tutors an efficient online tutoring marketplace.


IOScholarships, founded by Maria Fernanda Trochimezuk, is a scholarship and financial education platform designed for STEM students.


Postseason, a brainchild of Jelani Jenkins, is a social learning app that supports athletes through their transition out of sports, integrating E-Learning and Sports in the EdTech industry.

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