Exploring LA’s Most Influential E-Learning Startups Shaping Education in 2023

As technology continues to grow and evolve, education finds itself adapting as well. E-learning startups have begun sprouting up across the globe, leveraging advancements in technology to provide innovative learning platforms accessible to all. Los Angeles, a city known for its embrace of the new and the novel, is no exception. This hub of creativity and innovation is home to a range of interesting e-learning startups. Given the recent rush towards digitization prompted by global circumstances, these LA e-learning startups are ones to watch.

This piece takes a broad look at some of the most exciting and innovative E-Learning startups currently operating out of Los Angeles, California. From mentoring programs like SkillBank to subscription learning platforms like Alchemy Vision, these startups are pushing the boundaries of traditional education and making a significant impact in the e-learning sector. With innovative concepts, accessible platforms, and a knack for upending traditional educational models, these startups are at the forefront of 21st-century learning.

The startups listed here comprise various industries from Gaming to Healthcare, showing that e-learning can be incorporated into any sector. They share the common vision of making learning more accessible, engaging, and adaptable to the ever-evolving digital world. Let’s dive in and discover more about these thought-leaders, these trendsetters, these dreamers daring to rethink the future of education.


Zpod.app, an innovative startup founded by Cina Yeganeh, lies at the intersection of audiobooks, software, and e-learning. This platform combines the indulgence of audio storytelling with the need for e-learning accessibility. Zpod aims to revolutionize the way people consume educational content, making learning easy and enjoyable.

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InStride is a startup founded by Jonathan Lau, that is redefining the landscape of continuing education. InStride collaborates with universities to provide strategic enterprise education programs to employees. This global provider helps businesses invest in the education of their workforce.

Squircle Academy

At the heart of Squircle Academy is a resolute conviction: to revolutionize conventional thinking. Armed with this mission, Squircle Academy designs its e-learning courses to catalyze a global shift in thought processes and perspectives.


SkillBank, founded by Mehak Vohra, is a mentorship and training platform that prepares individuals for entry-level marketing roles through personalized 1:1 coaching sessions. SkillBank is transforming workforce training and empowering individuals to reach their full career potential.


Offering e-learning courses across multiple sectors, Toolsy is enriching individuals’ learning experiences. With courses for software, real estate, fitness, and photography, Toolsy exemplifies adaptable and diverse e-learning.

Zen’s Medicine

Zen’s Medicine takes e-learning into the healthcare industry, providing top-notch healthcare and preventative healthcare online programs. Zen’s Medicine lectures are aimed at catering to all health-conscious individuals.

HYE Tutors

Founded by Irina and Marina Hovhannisyan, HYE Tutors offers online tutoring services to school, college, and university students. This startup is carving a niche for itself in the e-learning education sector through its commitment to personalized, high-quality educational support.


Dailies, co-founded by Manuel Zamora, aims to support lifelong learning. This B2C e-learning platform provides access to a multitude of sources for perpetual learners.


Metafy, founded by Josh Fabian, breathes life into the gaming e-learning space. This online coaching platform enables video gamers to unlock their earning potential through strategic coaching and courses.

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Go To Elearning

Go To Elearning thrives on digitalizing education programs. This startup is committed to transforming traditional learning structures to accommodate the virtual, digitalized world.

Curious Cardinals

Alec Katz and Audrey Wisch founded Curious Cardinals with a vision centred on inclusivity, equity, and representation. This startup develops learning spaces reflecting and celebrating diverse communities.


Bringing a cinematic quality to e-learning, Subject offers an accredited learning platform providing custom curriculum. Founders Felix Ruano, Jonathan Quiros and Michael Vilardo are pioneering a unique, engaging approach to education.


Founded by Gregory Damelin, Scholadex serves as an online database of student projects that assists students with their assignments. Scholadex fosters educational collaboration through its innovative e-learning platform.

Pareto Labs

At Pareto Labs, Nic Barnhart and Tommy Moreno have created a comprehensive business communication and career skills platform offering video-based management courses.

Alchemy Vision

Founded by Felipe Latorre, Flora Azucena and Mitch Shultz, Alchemy Vision is a subscription e-learning platform providing informational and eye care training. This startup leverages the power of e-learning to boost healthcare providers’ skills.,

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