Exploring Influential Internet Startups Ruling Palo Alto Silicon Valley 2023

Palo Alto, California, is often considered the heart of Silicon Valley, hosting a myriad of startups that are revolutionizing the world of technology. From health care to construction, these dynamic digital innovations are bringing new possibilities to various sectors. This article turns the spotlight towards some of the most intriguing internet startups bred in Palo Alto, providing information about their operations, industries, and founders.

While Palo Alto may be known for being the home for tech giants like Google and Facebook, it also nurtures promising startups. The city’s innovative ambiance fosters game-changing ideas that are leveraged by these upcoming companies. By harnessing developments in cybersecurity, content creation, food and beverage, smart homes, and many other sectors, these startups are carving their niche in the tech world.

Let’s dive into the exciting world of these startups to explore their raison d’être, industry specifications, and the minds behind their inception. The diversity of these companies reaffirms the increasing complexity of our digital world, and the unlimited opportunities it holds for those willing to navigate it.


Founded by Amee Devani, WellBeam operates a connected care platform to help hospitals connect with third-party clients. This innovative health care platform leverages information technology and the internet to maximize efficiency in the healthcare industry.


Tagg, founded by Blessing Ubani, Sophie Chen, and Victor Loolo, allows content creators to earn cryptocurrencies through engaging content. Playing a significant role in the internet and content creators industry, Tagg is epitomizing the increasing synergy between digital content and the crypto world.

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Anycart, tagged the world’s first grocery shopping engine, was founded by Payman Nejati, Rafael Sanches, and Renato Peterman. Merging sectors like e-commerce, food and beverage, grocery, internet, mobile apps, and shopping, Anycart is transforming how we fulfill our daily food and beverage needs.


OneNav provides a mobile positioning system for smartphones, wearables, and IoT tracking devices. Spearheaded by Paul McBurney and Steve Poizner, OneNav is making its mark in the internet of things, wireless and software industry.


The brainchild of George Cheng, Viewabo enables support agents to access customers’ phone cameras to view issues without app installations. This unique service posits a novel perspective in mobile support and internet services by enhancing customer service experience in the mobile industry.


Melodia, founded by Omid Aryan, is a smart music streaming platform that simplifies the way you play and explore music. Utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mobile apps, Melodia is shaping user experience in the music and internet radio industry.


SubGen, founded by Kevin Hong, helps businesses launch and manage subscriptions. With its innovative service, SubGen is leaving its footprint on the information technology, internet, and software industry.

Thinking Stack

With its AI-based enterprise data management solution, Thinking Stack is contributing to the artificial intelligence, IT, and IoT industry.

Hire Easy

Hire Easy uses AI and machine learning to help companies make more informed hiring decisions, shaping the future of human resources, IT, internet, and software industries.


ParentGood, founded by Chen Shashar, Morani Hacmon, and Nadav Sharon, uses an online platform to provide virtual, on-demand child development and behavioral therapist support to parents. Connecting consulting, internet, and parenting sectors, ParentGood is a prime example of ICT’s impact on family life and child development.

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Arcis an ingenious creation by Ansgar Grunseid and John Katnic, integrating Cloud Infrastructure, Internet, Content Delivery Network, Monetization, and User Privacy into a single platform.


Theklicker, founded by Nihaal Rajput and Sheena Obrien, is an e-commerce tool that provides a directory of products for efficient online purchases. The start-up is linking e-commerce, information services, the internet, and online portals to maximize consumer satisfaction and convenience.

Blue Life

Blue Life is a SAS platform that aids homeowners in their home improvement projects. By merging Blockchain, IT, IoT, Smart Building, and Smart Cities, Blue Life introduces a new era to homeownership and infrastructure.


ScaleMonk, founded by Doug Loyer and Henrique Vaz, assists mobile-first companies by using AI to find users interested in their products. The startup is reshaping advertising and internet services, demonstrating the capacity of AI in advertising and marketing.

Crews by Core

The creators of Crews by Core, Di-Ann Eisnor, Erik Klein, and Gene Gutnik, collaborate with construction to build powerful technology for solid teams. Fusing construction, infrastructure, internet, SaaS, and software sectors, Core is bringing ground-breaking tech solutions to the construction industry.

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