Exploring Influential Los Angeles Fashion Startups Shaping Industry Trends in 2023

Los Angeles, often tagged as the “Creative Capital of the World”, is home to a burgeoning fashion startup industry that is revolutionizing the way we view and consume fashion. These startups are not only setting the trends but are also driving the conversation on sustainability, technology in fashion, and individualistic expression through apparel. Let’s delve into the vibrant ecosystem and explore the unique brands that are reinventing the fashion landscape.

Los Angeles, with its blend of cultures, vibrant arts scene, and the influence of Hollywood, has always been a fashion-forward city, with a keen eye for upcoming trends. Innovators in this space have utilized AI, femtech, online platforms, recycling, mobile apps, and more to create unique businesses that offer everything from team jerseys to luxurious vegan handbags. These startups are reimagining convention, pushing boundaries, and setting the stage for the fashion industry’s future.

The following fashion startups based in Los Angeles not only embody the spirit of creativity and innovation inherent in the city, but also illustrate the broad spectrum and diversity within the fashion industry. These companies showcase the ingenuity and entrepreneurial power of their founders, and serve as a testament to the dynamic, vibrant nature of LA’s fashion scene.


FINESSE is a fashion house that transforms the way fashion is predicted and distributed. It leverages AI, big data, and community feedback to understand upcoming trends. The esteemed founders of this startup are Alice Hau and Ramin Ahmari.

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OYA Femtech Apparel

OYA Femtech Apparel is engaging in disrupting the women’s leggings market. They produce femtech leggings that give women more control over their feminine health. This venture was founded by Mitchella Gilbert and Patrick Ayers.


An online repository for modern sneakers, Kicksnation is a startup focusing solely on the shoe industry. This unique platform was conceived by Tamir Buchler.


Offering a wide range of men’s wear, shoes, and accessories, Stately is a fashion brand that brings unique, quality wear to your doorstep.

The Hurd

The Hurd aims to revolutionize the fashion industry with sustainable materials. They manufacture cellulosic fiber pulp from agricultural waste. The founders are David Mun and Taylor Heisley-Cook.

SHOES 53045

SHOES 53045 creates a fusion of comfort and style with their sneaker-shoe hybrids that feature bubble air comfort platforms.

Mia Becar

Offering a wide range of designs, Mia Becar draws inspiration from women, nature, color, and shape to create feminine pieces. The startup was founded by Betzabe Gonzalez and Jim Herman.

Meet the Jewelers

Meet the Jewelers is a platform that not only sells jewelry but also provides guides on where to shop for jewelry. This brilliant business idea was successfully executed by founder Jason Reuben.

Ava Carrington

Ava Carrington, founded by Helena Mattsson and Sofia Mattsson, offers luxurious vegan handbags that exude sophistication while being kind to the environment.

Talent of Fashion

Talent of Fashion is a mobile app and platform offering solutions for hiring candidates in the fashion industry, founded by Joe Roberts and Jonny Tucker.

LA Society

LA Society is a trendy shop selling women’s tops, bottoms, and jackets, bringing individualistic fashion to consumers.

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The Madeline Elizabeth

Founded by Madeline Elizabeth, The Madeline Elizabeth is a unique brand providing a wide range of services like career planning, lifestyle advice, and networking.

End Game Pro Gear

End Game Pro Gear is a sporting goods company that offers team jerseys and accessories for all sporting activities.

Showroom Sixty Six

Showroom Sixty Six helps upcoming fashion brands with linesheet development and business development consultation.


ETICA Denim is a designer brand that offers a wide range of denim and knitwear. The brand is dedicated to combining comfort, style, and sustainability.

The LA fashion startup landscape represents a stylish mix of sophistication, sustainability, and technological innovation in the fashion industry. Let’s keep our eyes on these brands as they disrupt and redefine the fashion industry.

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