Top Los Angeles Event Management Startups Influencing Industry Trends in 2023

The city of Los Angeles, California has established itself as a hub for innovative businesses and the event management industry is no exception. Numerous startups have arisen, each bringing a unique approach to this dynamic sector. From firms that specialize in technology and content creation, to ones that pay particular attention to branding and lifestyle events, the diverse range of companies in LA’s event management scene mirrors the city’s vibrant cultural landscape.

In this article, we will explore a selection of interesting event management startups based in Los Angeles. These companies are representative of LA’s innovative spirit, and reflect the diverse demands of today’s event-goers and organizers. Each startup has a compelling story and contributes immensely to the region’s burgeoning event management landscape, transforming traditions and ushering in a new era of experience-centered occasions.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, these businesses have demonstrated resilience, innovation and flexibility in their approach to managing and promoting events. From virtual experiences to community-centric festivals, these startups are reinventing how we engage with one another in shared spaces, delivering unforgettable experiences, one event at a time.

Real Hype Creative Technology

Real Hype Creative Technology specializes in event management and various aspects of digital marketing. It was co-founded by Erica Yang and has made its mark in the industry as a content creator and social media management firm.

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Gorilla With A Pen

With a focus on branding and film production, Gorilla With A Pen offers an array of services, including event management and publishing.

Company X Marketing

Company X Marketing provides a comprehensive range of marketing services, including event production, talent booking, and media strategy, catering to the entertainment industry.

Kingdom of Mind

Founded by Isabella Kelly, Kingdom of Mind specializes in project management and event promotion, providing a blend of event management and media entertainment solutions.

WestWave Ventures

Located in LA, WestWave Ventures distinguishes itself as a community builder and an innovator, with a strong focus on event management and consulting.

Clubhouse Talent Management

Clubhouse Talent Management provides a space for writers, creators, and actors, with a unique approach to event management and personal development.


RSVP operates as an online marketplace for ticketing and event management services, catering to social networking needs of clients.


Soulige offers a unique platform for photographers and music performances, delivering memorable event management and promotion services.

Blaxicana Fest

Blaxicana Fest is a venue that hosts fashion and music festivals, bringing a unique cultural blend to the event management scene.


Co-founded by Marc Geiger, SaveLive is aimed at providing financial assistance to at-risk music venues, creating a unique niche in the event management industry.


Alterea is an entertainment firm with a unique approach to event management services, co-founded by Anahita Dalmia and Nick Griffith.

Anthony Event Designs

Anthony Event Designs, founded by Tony Scurry, specializes in creating multisensory event experiences that leave lasting impressions on attendees.

Ripple FX Events

Ripple FX Events connects diverse communities through shared virtual experiences, showcasing their creative approach to online events management.

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The platform Eventors offers a solution for booking diverse event services. Founded by Isaac Barel and Oshri Elmorich, Eventors caters to a wide variety of event needs from catering to decor.


Founded by Andrew Vuu, Confetti transforms special moments into memorable digital experiences and has established itself as a prominent player in the event management industry.

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