Exploring Influential Mobile Startups Revolutionizing LA Tech Scene in 2023

Welcome to this feature article where we will shine the spotlight on exciting mobile startups making waves here in Los Angeles, the bustling heart of creativity and innovation in sunny southern California.
Each diverse startup offers new concepts and fresh ideas to their respective industries, spanning from fitness, gaming, pet care to aviation and beyond. As you read through our list, you’ll get to know more about these companies and the bright minds behind them.

Through their innovative technologies and unique business models, these startups redefine how we interact with our mobile apps and devices. They are shaping our digital experiences whilst influencing the global startup ecosystem. These startups demonstrate the potential and diversity of L.A.’s fast-growing tech scene.

The startups we will explore today represent the best of the West Coast’s entrepreneurial spirit, bringing new takes on mobile apps and services. Without further ado, let’s plunge in and explore these groundbreaking mobile startups hailing from Los Angeles, California.


FitOn, a digital wellness platform, is committed to providing optimal health outcomes for its consumers–reaching over 12 million users. With its adaptive design and convenient features, users can easily manage their personal health from their mobile devices. Check out their website here . Founded by Lindsay Cook and Russell Cook, FitOn continues to lead in the Health Care, Fitness and Wellness industry.


Artie co-founders Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan are improving the economics of mobile games for developers and creating a mobile gaming experience unlike any other. It explores the use of Blockchain, Digital Entertainment, Gaming, and Social Media in its industry. Find more details on their website here .

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Givingli, a unique platform developed by co-founders Nicole Emrani and Ben Green, allows users to easily send digital greeting cards and gifts straight from their mobile phones. See more on their website here .


Jadu, an AR game world developed by Asad J Malik, combines digital and physical aspects of life through innovative storytelling and AR gameplay. Visit their website here .


Ethan Dong, the founder of MoeGo, created this pet grooming software that effortlessly manages schedules, messages, and payments. Learn more about their services on their website here .


Kippo, an avatar-based social platform designed for meeting new people, was developed by Cheeyoon Lee and David Park. Get to know more about their platform on their website here .


Flustr, developed by Lih Chang, Miurika Valery, and Shawn Janik, is a mobile platform where users can play live, short-form video games and spectators can influence the outcome. Check out their website here .

Imperium Jets

Imperium Jets, the ‘Airbnb of Private Jets’, allows by-the-seat sales of private jets to the public. This innovative platform was developed by founders Lidor Revah and Ron Bentata. Learn more on their website here .


Sator is an open-source P2P platform for the international television market created by Chris Chris and Isla Perfito. You can visit their website here .

BE$TOW app

Bestow Payments, a patented P2P mobile application developed by Jack Foster Jr, offers anonymous payments and contact sharing features. Check out more on their website here .

Sonett Tech

Sonett Tech, a tech company for SaaS services and web/mobile development, was founded by Kevin Rivers and Richard Rowlands. You can find out more on their website here .

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Priyanka Mathur, founder of MediPocket, created a one-stop healthcare ecosystem for families. Visit their website here .


Gypsee simplifies travelling with friends. Founded by Alex Donley, Andrew Thompson, and Atlás Blake, Gypsee is making strides in the Adventure Travel, Android, Apps, and Travel Agency industries. Check out their website here .


Podopolo, a platform by Melinda Wittstock, offers an interactive podcast experience that’s profitable for creators and advertisers. Find out more on their website here .

World 1 League

Developed by Brett Morris, Erik Vendt, and Jim Swartz, World 1 League aims to reinvent world sports for a new generation. Learn more about their vision on their website here .


This concludes our roundup of intriguing mobile startups in Los Angeles, California. Each showcases the vitality and diversity of the tech scene that continues to thrive, grow, and significantly impact the global startup ecosystem.

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