Exploring Influential Sports Startups Revolutionizing LA’s Athletic Scene in 2023

Los Angeles may be known for its basketball teams, but its startup scene is all about innovation in the sports sector. As tech continues to revolutionize industries and change the way we live day-to-day, its impact on sports is evident. An array of fresh-faced startups in Los Angeles are seeking to leverage technology’s transformative power, employing tech to revolutionize everything from athletic training to betting. Here, we will delve into LA’s vibrant sports startup scene.

From applications that use artificial intelligence and motion analysis for athletics coaching to social video platforms that give a platform for Gen Z athletes to be discovered, these startups are a game-changer. These are catering to all kinds of sports enthusiasts; they range from sports betting platforms to eSports channels and fantasy sports apps exclusively for women’s professional sports leagues. So, let’s throw the spotlight on these exciting, innovative startups that are reshaping the sports landscape.

Each of these startups holds promise in their respective niche, offering products and services that capture the thrill and spirit of sports while leveraging end-to-end technology solutions. Let’s catch a glimpse of the startups in the sports sector that are making a difference and catching the attention of sports enthusiasts and investors alike.

1. Mustard

Mustard , co-founded by Jason Goldsmith and brothers Luke and Rocky Collis, exists at the intersection of apps, artificial intelligence, baseball, and sports. This forward-thinking startup developed an elite-level motion analysis app for broad athletics coaching.

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2. The Players Circle

A venture of Corey Cooper, The Players Circle is a social video platform that highlights Generation Z athletes through their highlights, stats, and accomplishments.


ESTV is a groundbreaking initiative of Eric Yoon. This 24/7 live linear and ad-based video-on-demand esports channel goes beyond the conventional boundaries of eSports, Broadcasting, and TV.

4. Reboot Motion

Evan Demchick and Jimmy Buffi’s sports science company, Reboot Motion, is using sports to help athletes, coaches, academies, and organizations in the consumer goods and sports industries.

5. World 1 League

World 1 League, founded by Brett Morris, Erik Vendt, and Jim Swartz, is reinventing world sport for a new generation. Familiar in the Mobile Advertising, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, and Sports industries.

6. Reggy

Reggy develops tools to help coaches and event organizers connect with cyclists in the sports industry.

7. Payday Fantasy

Payday Fantasy – Richard Tran’s creation is a mobile betting platform that allows users to bet on their favorite teams in sports, thus marking its footprint in the Fantasy Sports, Mobile, Mobile Apps, and Sports industry.

8. TRNDS Sports

TRNDS Sports has been acquired by Fansure and offers simplified access to robust sports betting insights via an easily navigable interface.

9. Gaming Community Network

Gaming Community Network provides strategic solutions for gaming and esports enthusiasts. This startup leapfrogs the conventional borders of eSports and Gaming.

10. Wiser

In the sports industry, Wiser stands as a strong foundation to Sports & Influencer Sponsorship Analytics.

11. Athlon.ai

Off-field Intelligence drives Athlon.ai, an initiative of Tidus Coleman. It’s working within the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Sports industries.

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12. Zoned

Zoned bridges the gap between pop culture and gaming, offering a unique blend of Advertising, eSports, Events, and Marketing.

13. (co)laboratory

Jaymee Messler’s initiative, (co)laboratory stands as a first-of-its-kind studio and content incubator at the intersection of sports and digital entertainment.

14. She Plays

Founded by Ashley Hart, She Plays is a fantasy sports app for US women’s professional sports leagues. It’s a perfect blend of Fantasy Sports and Sports industries.

15. Indie Esports League

Indie Esports League led by Rich Thomas is the world’s first multi-game, cross-platform eSports league and is exclusively for indie games and gamers of any ability.

The bottom line is that these startups offer exciting opportunities for both sports enthusiasts and investors alike. Whether you want to become an athlete, follow your passion for eSports, or find a new investment opportunity, Los Angeles sports startups have you covered!

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