Exploring Influential NYC Virtual Reality Startups Reshaping the Tech Industry

In an increasingly digital world, we see countless ways that technology is integrating with daily life. One of the most exciting and rapidly evolving developments in tech trends is Virtual Reality (VR). From gaming to real estate, education to fashion, its applications seem almost limitless, and startups are creatively and courageously pioneering this new frontier. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most interesting VR startups in New York, United States that are revolutionizing various industries.

New York, famously an incubator for innovation and entrepreneurship, stands at the forefront of the VR revolution. Here, visionaries are pairing their ingenuity with advanced technology to create truly immersive experiences that are changing how we interact with the world. Whether it’s improving existing industries or exploring new limits of creativity, the city is a home to startups that embrace the potential of VR.

In the bustling heart of New York, companies are harnessing VR for a multitude of diverse applications. We will be exploring some of these startups, diving into their innovative ideas, gaining insights into their unique business models, and understanding how they are reshaping our world’s current reality through virtual possibilities.


Peek is a startup that is applying VR to the real estate market to revolutionize the leasing journey. With its services, it offers interactive tours, analytics, content management, and marketing tools. Peek was founded by Austin Lo and Chris Kostoulas and it operates within the industries of Analytics, Enterprise Software, Real Estate, Software, and Virtual Reality.

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Museum of Future Experiences (MoFE)

The media and entertainment industry has not been left out in the VR revolution. TheMuseum of Future Experiences, or MoFE, creates high-end immersive experiences. David Askaryan is one of the driving forces behind this startup.

Abound Labs

Abound Labs has developed Metascan, an app that empowers users to capture, edit, and share 3D content. This innovative startup, founded by Tim Field, operates within the industries of 3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer, Internet, iOS, Mobile Apps, and Virtual Reality.

Premio Consolidated

Combining e-commerce with VR, Premio Consolidated is a unique agency offering logo design, app development, virtual reality, and digital marketing services. The driving force behind this innovative company is Jamal Masri.


The education sector can also benefit from VR. AMTIL provides an interactive learning platform for Aviation Maintenance Technicians and Engineers. Emily Mooney, Joshua Wall, and Ramon Martin are the trio behind this innovative startup, which operates within the industries of Aerospace, E-Learning, Education, Machine Learning, Software, and Virtual Reality.

Vanguard X

As a disruptive technologies software company, Vanguard X actively ventures into the industries of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Internet, Software, and Virtual Reality.

Rogue VC

Rogue VC is incubating and investing in frontier technology and culture, supporting radical founders with outlier ideas. It operates in the industries of Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Space Travel, Venture Capital, and Virtual Reality.


EasyTry is revolutionizing e-commerce with its virtual tool that enables customers to virtually try on items, style outfits, and make secure purchases. It operates within the E-Commerce, Fashion, Information Technology, Software, and Virtual Reality industries.

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Giga Music Group

The music industry is also feeling the impact of VR thanks to Giga Music Group. The startup develops interactive live streams of virtual avatars, creating new revenue opportunities for artists, brands, and creators. GIGA was founded by Genevieve Simmons, Karriem Mack, and Maj Mack, and operates in the industries of Augmented Reality, Music, and Virtual Reality.

Tidal Force VR

Tidal Force VR is a start-up focusing on Group Focused VR Experiences. They operate in the Media and Entertainment, Software, and Virtual Reality industries.

Gigs Live

Gigs Live is actively supporting video creators by providing a platform for creating, marketing, distributing, monetizing, and growing their business. Its founders, Ashutosh Nayak and Vaibhav Kharat, operate within the industries of Media and Entertainment, Music, Music Streaming, Music Venues, Video Streaming, and Virtual Reality.


360MAX, founded by Anton Zhdanov, is invested in VR cinema theaters and a VR streaming platform. They are in the Media and Entertainment, Virtual Reality industries.


Pixelleco, by founders Alessandra Rosenfeld, Dante Kabat, and Leslie Talmadge Ellwood, is connecting to our emotions and the natural world through digital art and AI/XR immersive technologies. Pixelleco operates within the industries of Art, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Digital Media, Photography, Video Streaming, and Virtual Reality.


Beauty meets VR in Parfait, a wig customization platform that integrates facial recognition. The company plays within the industries of Artificial Intelligence, Beauty, E-Commerce, and Virtual Reality.

Meta Time

Lastly, Meta Time is innovatively creating a unified VR and AR augmented reality platform. It is a dedicated player in the industries of Internet, Virtual Reality, and Virtualization.

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In summary, New York’s vibrant ecosystem is offering fertile ground for the development and growth of VR technology. As the VR industry continues to expand, we can look forward to seeing how these innovative startups will shape the future of this emerging field.

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