Top Influential New York Wealth Management Startups Reshaping 2023 Landscape

From harboring Wall Street, the world’s largest stock exchange, to being the home of numerous financial services and fintech companies, New York City is undoubtedly the heart of financial innovation. In recent years, Wealth Management startups have sprung up, leveraging technology to make financial planning, retirement planning, and investment management accessible and convenient.

These startups are not only revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses approach wealth management but also providing solutions to traditional industry constraints. For example, they offer automated financial planning, investor matching through personality tests, online marketplaces for wealth management, and many other innovative services.

This article spotlights a series of compelling startups based in the ‘Big Apple’ who are redefining Wealth Management. They’re using state-of-the-art technology and out-of-the-box approach to bringing financial advisory services to the digital age.

Farther Finance

Farther Finance is a modern investment advisory platform that combines the benefits of technology with trusted advice. Founded by Brad Genser and Taylor Matthews, this startup operates at the intersection of finance, financial services, fintech, impact investing, and wealth management.


The brainchild of Lou Abrams, Fisecal is an automated financial planning software catering to various industries such as finance, fintech, internet, personal finance, financial services, and wealth management.

Visible Wealth Management

Visible Wealth Management is a next-generation investment advisory business. Founded by Ravi Suria, it is built on the ALPHABETA technology platform. It operates within the financial services and wealth management industry.

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Michael Lee Strategy

Michael Lee Strategy offers a range of services including investment management, retirement, and financial planning services. Founded by Michael Lee, this startup operates within the asset management, financial services, retirement, and wealth management industry.

PM Wealth Management

Founded by James Weikart and Marc A. Specht, PM Wealth Management provides services including financial planning, retirement planning, insurance, 401(k) plans, and investment management.

Procapita Partners

Procapita Partners offers a range of financial and investment services; a one-stopsolution for accounting, banking, consulting, retirement, risk management, and wealth management needs.


APBOE is an innovative online marketplace for wealth management and advisory services. It operates within the financial advice and wealth management industry.

Future Family Office

Future Family Office provides the latest news, services, and investment opportunities within the global family office space. This involves consulting, finance, online portals, and wealth management.

Sincerus Advisory

Sincerus Advisory specializes in financial planning, investment advisory, investment management, and wealth management solutions. It operates within the advice, finance, and wealth management industry.

Foundation Infrastructure Partners

Foundation Infrastructure Partners offers investment and investment management for logistics, transportation, and infrastructure sectors.


Magnifina is an investment advisory firm that operates within the asset management, finance, financial services, venture capital, and wealth management industry.

The UHNW Institute

Through The UHNW Institute, advisors and wealth management firms are provided with insightful resources and enlightenment. It operates within the wealth management industry.

ProActive Planning Partners

ProActive Planning Partners is an investment advisory firm that offers wealth management, accounting, and financial services.

Ancoris Capital Partners

Founded by Brett A. Tremain, and Heather Smith, Ancoris Capital Partners specializes in wealth management, banking, capital funding, and financial services.

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Positivly is the world’s first financial personality test, matching people to investments and advice. The startup founded by Iain Gillespie, Tal Ben-Shahar, and Vinay Nair, operates in financial services, fintech, personalization, and wealth management.

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