Exploring Influential Platform Startups Revolutionizing Los Angeles Tech Scene

Los Angeles, known for its famous Hollywood and Silicon Beach tech startups, is also a breeding ground for innovative platforms startups. The popular city of Angel has seen a surge in a plethora of unique and creative platform startups in recent years. These startups cater to a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, audiobooks, media, advertising, and more. Following, we will provide a detailed overview of several cutting-edge platform startups in LA.

These startups, which range from those focusing on home-based businesses to advertising and online marketplaces, are redefining their respective industries with their innovative solutions. By adopting modern technologies and unique business models, these companies are taking the LA startup scene by storm.

Let’s explore each of these startups and the unique solutions they bring to their respective markets in depth.

West Tenth

Founded by Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk, West Tenth is a platform aimed at empowering home-based businesses. They focus on turning nontraditional talents into flexible businesses run from home, making it a player in the communities, e-commerce platforms, and women’s industry.


zpod.app, led by founder Cina Yeganeh, is an innovative application that has redefined the way users find and listen to audio stories. The application caters to a wide range of industries, including audiobooks, e-commerce platforms, e-learning, education, podcast, and software.


Real Web Media provides a self serve platform for buying and selling ads on the web and mobile devices. Operating within the Ad Network, Advertising, Advertising Platforms, and Marketing industry, the startup offers savvy solutions for digital advertisement.

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YW3 is a notable marketing firm serving media and entertainment brands. It’s seen as a revenue accelerator in the advertising, advertising platforms, marketing, and music industry.


Marble, founded by Julius Freund and Tom Brückner, is staking its claim in the metaverse. It’s the first platform that integrates NFTs in the real world, servicing the augmented reality, blockchain, and e-commerce platforms industry.


homepie, led by founder Brad Rice, is a platform bridging the gap between home sellers and buyers. The two-sided marketplace enters the advertising platforms, e-commerce, marketplace, and real estate industry with a fresh take.


Obscuram brings a creative twist to blogging and the media and entertainment industry by sharing insights and stories through various mediums.


Obsesh, a startup aimed at athlete discovery and engagement, serves the content creators, e-commerce platforms, eSports, marketplace, and sports industry. With founders Jonalyn Morris and Tracy Benson at the helm, Obsesh is revolutionizing the sports industry.


With Kirill Avery and Yurii Kyparus leading the charge, Lalabox offers live-streaming and shopping services through a mobile application. It caters to the e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, Internet, mobile apps, and video streaming industry.


Founders Dmitrii Moshchenko leads ONAIR, an AI-powered advertising platform, where one can use wifi for free on any flight and receive exclusive offers from partners. This startup is adding fresh solutions to advertising, advertising platforms, air transportation, artificial intelligence, in-flight entertainment, internet, media and entertainment, mobile advertising, and wireless industries.

Cure Crate

Founders Alexandra Mulconnery and Sean Wynn head Cure Crate, a health and wellness subscription box. Being part of the cannabis, e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, subscription service, and wellness industry, it hits all the current health trends.

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Barterr, founded by Terrence Whaley, is a peer-to-peer sneaker trading marketplace and middleman service. This unique platform caters to the consumer, e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, and marketplace industry.


Founder Claire Canyon leads Bringx, a marketplace that allows individuals to purchase fresh produce and meats from local farms at wholesale prices. This startup operates within the e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, food delivery, logistics, marketplace, mobile apps, organic, organic food, and retail technology industry.


Crossing Inc is an online manufacturer and retailer of sports collectibles and trading cards. Its business spans across the e-commerce, e-commerce platforms, shopping, and video streaming industry.


Founded by Aga Alak and Fidan Rasul, AdGlance offers innovative advertising solutions, including ad networks, ad retargeting, targeting, advertising, advertising platforms, AgTech, local advertising, and outdoor advertising.

The platforms startup scene in Los Angeles is buzzing with activity, fueled by creativity, innovation, and a forward-thinking approach to business. These startups are paving the way for novel solutions tailored to their respective industries. As their journey unfolds, we are eager to see how they evolve and impact their sectors even more.

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