LA’s Pioneering Event Startups Shaping 2023’s Influential Social Agendas

Los Angeles, known as the entertainment capital of the world, is not just a hub for Hollywood or the music industry. It’s also home to numerous thriving startups with unique innovations and creative ideas in the events industry. This article showcases a handful of these inspirational startups, each contributing to the vibrant events industry in its unique way.

These startups range from hospitality to ticketing, event production, technology, and more, each bringing something unique to the table. The city’s diverse industry landscape makes it the perfect breeding ground for startup innovation, and your next event solution might just be among these Los Angeles up-and-comers.

Here are some of the most creative and innovative events startups based in Los Angeles that are making waves in their respective sectors.


Tend is a premier marketplace for hospitality staffing offering a one-stop solution for catering, events, wedding, and music venues. This platform was co-founded by Charles Soll, Davis Waddell, and Grant Delgado. Their unique approach caters to the demands of the modern-day hospitality industry.

CurEnt Group

CurEnt Group provides clients with unparalleled access to a variety of exclusive, “one-of-a-kind” entertainment events. Founded by Joel Menzin and Lee Barkalow, the startup operates in the events, hospitality, ticketing, and travel industry, offering unique entertainment experiences to its clientele.

Powerhouse Capital

Powerhouse Capital, founded by Ian Doody and Salim Mitha is an LA-based venture fund dedicated to investing in technology, media, entertainment, and interactive gaming. More information about them are available on their website.

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Developed by Mo Abersheid, RockNTix is a pioneering app-based platform offering no-fee event ticketing. This unique offering makes it a standout in the events, music, and ticketing industry.


Operating in the events, film production, social media, and video advertising industry, Salt is known for its experiential offerings in the field of events, photo, and video platforms.


Founded by Coltrane Nadler, Linda Wei, and Max Stern, Disko offers a unique concert subscription service that allows users to discover and attend events for a low monthly fee.

Company X Marketing

Company X Marketing is a marketing firm that specializes in event production, talent booking, media strategy, and entertainment marketing. Their unique solutions make them a highlight in the advertising, event management, and events industry.

Family Style Food Festival

Family Style Food Festival is a must-mention name in the events, food and beverage, and shopping industry. This Los Angeles-based startup offers unique event services centered around food and beverage.

WestWave Ventures

WestWave Ventures is a Los Angeles-based company that focuses on fostering community and innovation in Southern California. This startup is making a significant impact on communities, consulting, event management, and events with their unique venture capital model.

AP Suave Studios

AP Suave Studios is recognized for its top-notch pre-production and post-production services for events and entertainment. Details on their offerings can be found on their website.


Zoned works on bridging the gap between pop culture and gaming. Their innovative contributions to the advertising, eSports, Events, and marketing industries are worth mentioning.

High Hopes Festival & Summit

Focusing on employment, events, and media and entertainment, High Hopes Festival & Summit provides services related to festivals, job fairs, and summits.

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Soulige is known for introducing photographers and music performances. Their work in event management and promotion is commendable.

Blaxicana Fest

Blaxicana Fest hosts fashion and music festivals. They are noteworthy for their unique contribution to event management and promotion.


Sparket has created the Social Betwork™, a bet on anything platform that democratizes live event wagering with community-based pools. We help our B2B partners increase revenue through new content offerings, from traditional sports to reality TV, golf clubs, and esports via our free to play whitelabels and real money gaming integrations.

In conclusion, these startups are contributing significantly to the events industry by bringing innovative solutions, disrupting traditional approaches, and infusing creativity into everyday operations. They continue to inspire entrepreneurs and startups around the globe with their dedication and inventive ideas.

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