Exploring Influential Wellness Startups Transforming LA’s Health Landscape in 2023

Los Angeles, the heart of the entertainment world, is not just popular for Hollywood. The dynamic city is giving rise to a new wave of startups, particularly focused on wellness. Whether it’s physical health, mental well-being, lifestyle changes, or even pet wellness – startups based in Los Angeles are developing innovative solutions to help us live healthier, more mindful lives. Here are some of the most interesting wellness startups breaching the traditional boundaries of wellness practices and setting new trends in the health and wellness industry.


Founded by Lindsay Cook and Russell Cook, FitOn is a digital wellness platform dedicated to boosting health outcomes for its enormous consumer base of over 12 million members. The platform stands out for its unique offering that encompasses fitness, healthcare, mHealth, mobile apps and personal health.


Jinx, founded by Sameer Mehta, Terri Rockovich, and Michel Kim, is a dog wellness brand that specializes in selling dog nutrition online. Jinx extends its services into consumer goods, e-commerce, nutrition, and wellness, providing holistic health solutions for our furry friends.


FULLFILL is a digital health company founded by Seth Tuckerman and Steve Winshel. This innovative startup focuses on preventing obesity, anxiety, depression and more, and it’s all paid for by insurance. Their unique, evidence-based approach sheds a new light on wellness industry practices.

Three Good

Three Good, founded by Braven Greenelsh, is a workplace wellness SaaS platform that offers crucial insights and analytics on team mental health and wellbeing. It provides a unique blend of analytics, human resources, SaaS and wellness solutions.

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Lure Life

Lure Life is a California-based CBD brand that crafts premium CBD wellness products. They are known for their quality and consistency in the wellness industry.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation, founded by Micah Jackson, offers VR-Based wellness. Their unique use of technology by integrating it with wellness makes them one of the most innovative wellness startups in LA.


R’s KOSO is an online shop for postbiotic drink and cleanse products. Their diversified portfolio includes dietary supplements, E-commerce, personal health, sales and wellness.

The Curvey

The Curvey is a startup dedicated to reinventing community mental health for GenZ. The founders have put a unique spin on consumer health care, peer-to-peer wellness and generation Z wellness practices.


Rawlogy sells self-care products while advocating for planet conservation. They are a unique blend of e-commerce, fitness, outdoor, personal health and wellness industries.

The Minority Psychology Network

The Minority Psychology Network, founded by Successful Brim is a nonprofit organization working on education and awareness to remove the stigma on mental health. They are combining education, healthcare, psychology and wellness in a unique way.

CBD Real

CBD Real is a leading CBD consulting company. They are impacting the Cannabis, medical and wellness industries in a new way.

The Better Spot

The Better Spot founded by Madilynn Beck is a wellcare hub offering on-demand care and on-demand space. They have brought innovation into the commercial real estate, healthcare, real estate and wellness industries.


Sona, founded by Dennis Hauser, Neal Sarin, and Shashank Pandya, is a digital therapeutics company. They are using science-backed music to improve mental health and wellness with a focus on neuroscience, music and therapeutic practices.

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Hōm is a mobile app founded by Crystal Hays. The app focuses on improving healthcare and wellness.


Skinary is an integrative health-tracking app for skin created by Bianca Maxwell Harris. The app is contributing to big data, healthcare, life science, machine learning and wellness.

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