LA’s Most Influential Women-Led Startups Shaping Future Business Landscape

Los Angeles, California has always been a hot spot for startups—with its diversity, vast talent pool, tech scene, and access to venture capital, it’s no wonder why numerous entrepreneurs choose LA as their launching pad. It’s particularly inspiring to see an increasing number of female-led startups shattering the silicone ceiling and making a difference across a range of industries. Here, we present some remarkable women-focused startups hailing from the City of Angels.

These startups are not only fueling innovation but are also empowering women by providing services and products tailored to meet their unique needs. Ranging from health and wellness, fashion, career planning, and even tech-integrated clothing—the breadth and quality of what these startups offer are truly groundbreaking.

Join us as we take a closer look at these startups, understand what they do, who founded them, and the industries they operate in. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to be inspired by as we delve into these success stories. They’re proof that the future is indeed female.

Ruth Health

Ruth Health, founded by Alison Greenberg and Audrey Wu, is a telehealth clinic and care hub dedicated specifically to pregnant women. The startup operates within the Electronic Health Record (EHR), Health Care, Home Health Care, and Women’s sectors.


Launched by Sigi Marmorstein, BabyLiveAdvice is a technology-enabled telehealth service that supports maternal-infant care from preconception to early childhood within the baby, family, health care, SaaS, and women’s industries.

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West Tenth

Founded by Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk, West Tenth powers home-based businesses by transforming nontraditional talents into flexible businesses run from home. It is defining trends in the communities, e-commerce platforms, and women’s sectors.

Bloom Nutrition

Bloom Nutrition specializes in selling gym supplements specifically for women, thus contributing to the dietary supplements, health care, nutrition, and women’s industries.

She’s Birdie

Making a mark on the product design, public safety, and women’s sectors, She’s Birdie offers a personal safety alarm designed with women’s safety in mind. Upon activation, it sets off a siren and a flashlight to create a diversion.


Neveis an e-commerce company that designs, manufactures, and markets sporting goods and other recreational products specifically for women.

Flower Clique

Flower Clique seeks to empower business owners with tools and services designed to simplify and amplify their business operations in the podcast, training, and women’s sectors.

Style Baby OMG Fashion Boutique

Rooted in Los Angeles, California and founded by Jazmine Rodriguez, Style Baby OMG Fashion Boutique is an online shop retailing the latest fashion styles for women. It’s making waves in the beauty, e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and women’s industries.


Founded by Gil Perez and Houman Reyhanian, Bajestic is an online store offering a wide variety of women’s clothing styles. It operates primarily in the e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and women’s sectors.


Funded by Ellie Day, Lucy Mort, and Michelle Battersby, Sunroom is an application where women can make money and maintain their freedom. It falls under the finance, software, and women’s industries.

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The Collective Rising

Established within the career planning, personal branding, professional networking, and women’s sectors, The Collective Rising is a digital membership community for women.


Community-centered lifestyle brand Saysh was created by Allyson Felix and Wes Felix. It operates in the e-commerce, fashion, and women’s industries.


Almond, founded by Carly Allen and Tara Raffi, is a mobile platform that offers telehealth and in-person services for women’s obstetric and gynecology care. It’s a part of the health care, medical, personal health, and women’s sectors.

Sundaze Heated Shorts

Contributing to the personal health, wellness, and women’s industries is Sundaze Heated Shorts—a startup that features tech-integrated clothing for women.


Gussi is a provider of keratin treatment and hair care products. It operates within the health care, retail, and women’s sectors.

In conclusion, these LA-based startups are translating their vision into reality while uplifting other women. They’re not just propelling innovation—they’re also driving societal change. They are proof that Los Angeles’ thriving startup scene is contributing positively to women’s lives and role in the economy.

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