Exploring LA’s Most Influential Medical Startups Transforming Healthcare in 2023

Los Angeles, renowned for its entertainment industry, is also making a name for itself in the medical start-up scene. The city is fostering an innovative ecosystem that has created a robust platform for startups focussed on healthcare solutions. Offering everything from innovative veterinary care to record management for healthcare, these startups are not only transforming the healthcare industry, but also impacting lives for the better.

The vibrant startup landscape in LA is driven by cutting-edge technology and shared aspiration to revolutionize healthcare systems. With diverse areas of focus including advanced analytics, cutting-edge medical technology, behavioral health, and even veterinary care, these startups are redefining traditional healthcare protocols to provide more efficient and accessible solutions. Thus, the budding ecosystem in LA is a testament to the city’s dynamic and innovative culture.

Let’s take a look at some of the fascinating Medical Startups gracing the Los Angeles landscape, which are truly making a difference with their innovative solutions and technologies.

Modern Animal

Modern Animal is an innovative veterinary platform redefining the pet care experience. Founded by Ben Jacobs and Steven Eidelman, this startup aspires to build a new kind of veterinary experience that prioritizes both human and animal care.


WeCare, a medical technology startup founded by Ifeanyi Ossai, focuses on providing healthcare in Africa using U.S. and European technologies. Its primary sectors include Biopharma, Clinical Trials and Medical IT.

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MediPocket, a comprehensive Healthcare Ecosystem for Families – is a unique blend Health Care, Mobile Apps, and Software Solution. Founded by Priyanka Mathur, it aims to bring the comfort and efficacy of managing healthcare needs at your fingertips.


Icardio.AI, founded by Joseph Sokol, is harnessing the power of AI and Big Data to interpret echocardiograms using machine learning algorithms. With this, they are leveraging the 200M+ images database to provide accurate assessments of heart health.


Founded by Elliot Friedman, ELIOS is a medical tech startup focussing on eye care. Its mission is to relieve glaucoma patients’ discomfort by facilitating the restoration of the normal fluid flow of eyes.

Metropolis Dermatology

Metropolis Dermatology is bridging the gap between healthcare and beauty. James Y. Wang founded this wellness clinic with the aim to deliver a broad range of dermatology and skincare services.

Butterflly Health

Healthcare startup Butterflly Health has developed a cloud-based telehealth platform for autism and behavioral health.


InstaDr delivers urgent care and hormone replacement therapies services, showcasing the incredible diversity of medical startups in the LA region.

Frontida Records

Frontida Records is a healthcare center – a true showcase of medical startups meeting the community’s needs in LA.

Certified Healthcare Medical Billing Services

Certified Healthcare Medical Billing Services is dedicated to providing physicians with state-of-the-art billing, coding, and collection services.


In the dental industry, Surgikor offers a range of products including bone grafting, membranes, collagen products, and motors.

Bustamante Endodontics

Bustamante Endodontics provides dental services such as root canal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants, essential for oral health and overall well-being.

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CBD Real

CBD Real is demonstrating the potential of the cannabis industry in the medical field, offering consultant services for CBD businesses.


Bringing efficiency to medical device companies, Essenvia has launched an online software to streamline pre and post-market workflow. The company was established by Basant Sahoo and Soumya Mahapatra.


sona, a digital therapeutics startup, uses science-backed music to improve mental health. This innovative health and wellness company were founded by Dennis Hauser and Neal Sarin.

In conclusion, LA is an evolving hub for medical startups with each one bringing something unique and innovative to the table. From leveraging AI for heart health assessments, offering one-stop healthcare ecosystems for families, to using music as a form of therapy, these startups are truly transforming the medical landscape. The diversity and creativity of the LA medical startup scene certainly bodes well for the future of healthcare disruption.

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