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Welcome to the vibrant world of mobile apps startups in Los Angeles, California, the home to some of the most innovative, high-growth potential companies of our time. This city’s startup ecosystem embraces a wide array of industries from health care and fitness to dating, blockchain, and augmented reality. As highly competitive as it is diverse, the Los Angeles startup community continues to flourish, with many entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on a global scale. In this article, we will explore some of the most exciting mobile apps startups making waves in their respective industries.

Los Angeles redefines boundaries with its exceptional integration of technology, creativity, and business minds, resulting in unique mobile apps that cater to our tech-savvy society’s evolving needs. With advancements in mobile technology, these LA-based startups are leveraging innovative solutions, pushing the envelope, and redefining user experiences. From digital fitness platforms and AR game worlds to private jets’ Airbnb, and interactive podcasts – the variety in the innovations is limitless.

Given the dynamic and rapidly changing nature of the startup ecosystem in Los Angeles, we decided to take a closer look at some of the most fascinating mobile apps startups. These startups not only showcase their passion, commitment, and determination for finding solutions, but also contribute significantly to their respective industries’ progress. Let’s delve into these entrepreneurial ventures, and discover their innovative contributions to the world of mobile apps.


FitOn is a digital wellness platform focused on driving health outcomes for its 12M+ members, including consumers, employees, and health plan participants. The company operates in diverse areas like mobile apps, personal health, wellness, mHealth and is founded by Lindsay Cook and Russell Cook.

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Givingli develops customizable digital greeting cards, allowing users to send greetings and gifts from their mobile phones. By leveraging mobile apps technology and the e-commerce industry, founders Ben Green and Nicole Emrani have created a novel gifting experience.


Founded by Asad J Malik, Jadu forms an AR game world that bridges aspects of our digital and physical lives through Web3, long-form storytelling, and novel AR gameplay.


MoeGo is a pet grooming software intended to manage your schedules, messages, and payments. Founded by Ethan Dong, MoeGo is simplifying the pet care industry.


Kippo, an avatar-based world designed for meeting new people, is an interesting innovation in the dating and social network industry. Creators Cheeyoon Lee and David Park are behind this unique platform.

Imperium Jets

Imperium Jets, founded by Lidor Revah and Ron Bentata, is the Airbnb of private jets, transforming unutilized flights into a profit-making endeavor.


Sator, an open-source P2P platform for the international television market, is reshaping the TV industry through blockchain and mobile apps. Founders Chris Chris and Isla Perfito have pioneered this initiative.

BE$TOW app

BE$TOW app, a patented P2P mobile application, enables anonymous payments and contact sharing with a tap. Creator Jack Foster Jr. is revolutionizing mobile payments.


MediPocket is a one-stop Healthcare Ecosystem for Families, founded by Priyanka Mathur, serving as a comprehensive platform for medical and healthcare solutions.


Travel with friends simplified with Gypsee. Founders Alex Donley, Andrew Thompson, and Atlás Blake created an adventure travel app to enhance the travel planning process.


Podopolo is a platform that enables users to listen to interactive podcasts, building profitable avenues for creators and advertisers. This initiative is by Melinda Wittstock.

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Crave It

Crave It is a mobile application for food lovers, transforming the way consumers explore the food and beverage industry.

Payday Fantasy

Found by Richard Tran, Payday Fantasy is a mobile betting platform that allows users to bet on their favorite sports teams, reshaping the sports industry.


iStreamer is a mobile app that leverages information technology to create a difference in the software field.

Rodeo Apps

Rodeo Apps assures to make a difference in the world of technology with its innovative software engineering solutions.

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