Exploring LA’s Pioneering Cryptocurrency Startups Transforming the Blockchain Ecosystem

USVenture.news is pleased to highlight innovative new startups shaking up the financial world with their unique applications of cryptocurrency technology. With operations based out of the economic and technological hub of Los Angeles, California, these entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries of what cryptocurrency can accomplish. Here’s a roundup of some of the most exciting and forward-thinking cryptocurrency startups LA has to offer:


EthSign, co-founded by Jack X, Potter Li, and Xin Yan, is the first decentralized, versioned E-Signing platform built on Web 3. Falling under the industries of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, E-Signature, and Enterprise Applications, EthSign represents a fusion of traditional digital communications and the decentralized ethos of cryptocurrency.

Heroic Story

Jay Rosenkrantz and Scott Rosenkrantz are the creative minds behind Heroic Story. Heroic Story is a unique crossover of fantasy and cryptocurrency, being a Web 3 fantasy saga powered by community-created Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).


FourFront, started by Anna Melamed and Ilan Benjamin, is a media startup that creates social and cinematic experiences for the entertainment industry. Its application of cryptocurrency technology sets it apart in the Media and Entertainment industry.

SubDAO Network

SubDAO Network, a DAO management platform, offers a suite of tools for creating DAOs. DAOs, also known as Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, are a key feature in decentralized models of corporate organization.

Metaedge Ventures

Metaedge Ventures is a venture studio that powers communities across a growing ecosystem of chains. The studio operates in the consulting, cryptocurrency, and IT sectors.

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Creating innovative products to help users secure their crypto, Shieldfolio is a Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency-focused company aiming to provide safety and security in the exciting but sometimes uncertain world of crypto.

Beyond Appearances

Beyond Appearances is an adaptable SaaS platform that offers predictive intelligence. Co-founded by Moti Asaf, it falls under the Analytics, AI, Cryptocurrency, IT, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software industries creating insights and recommendations for businesses.


Shypr, Descrptions:Web3 Logistics Aggregator co-founded by Bernard G. and Obdul Reid, enables individuals and businesses to compare pricing for logistics needs. It blends Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Last Mile Transportation, Logistics, Mobile Apps, Same Day Delivery, and Shipping spheres.


Geojam is a social media platform for creators, brands, and their communities to engage and earn together. Founded by Justin Rosenbaum, Nir Golan, and Sam Krichevsky, it integrates Blockchain, Consumer Applications, Cryptocurrency, Mobile Apps, Social Media, and Social Network technologies in its functioning.

Frenchy Digital

Frenchy Digital, co-founded by Chris Machetto, is a software company that offers services in Mobile and Web app development. The company is involved in the AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Machine Learning, Mobile Apps, Software, Web Apps, and Web Development sectors.


LEGACI is a web3 rewards platform that utilizes NFTs to harness fan engagement. Founded by Aman Azad, Hans Lee, and Joshua Wolters, it combines Cryptocurrency, Brand Marketing, Consumer Software, and Enterprise Software.


Zora, started by Dai Hovey, Dee Goens, and Ethan Daya, is a marketplace for non-fungible tokens. It operates in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, FinTech, Information Technology, and Marketplace sectors.


Co-founded by Ben Stueck, Ernie Le, and James Kuk, FreshCut is a web3 gaming community and content ecosystem built for creators and fans. It falls under the Cryptocurrency, Gaming, IT, Media and Entertainment, and Video Streaming sectors.

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UnicornDAO is a Web3 platform that empowers women and NFT creators by enabling the creation and distribution of NFT-based content.


Invezo, an investing research/analysis tool for stocks and crypto-assets, was started by Emmett Miller, Leo Schottenstein, and Wyatt Miller. Invezo operates within the Analytics, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Financial Services sectors.

Cryptocurrency is an exciting new frontier with unlimited potential for innovation. These startups are living proof of the diverse range of applications it can have. We at USVenture.news wish all the teams behind these startups the very best in their future endeavors and look forward to covering their journeys in the world of cryptocurrency.

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