Top Influential Los Angeles Creative Agency Startups Making Waves in 2023

Welcome to another exciting edition of In this article, we venture through the city of Los Angeles, California – a rising hub of creativity and a melting pot of some of the most innovative start-ups. We will take a deep dive into the world of Creative Agency startups, exploring the uniqueness each company brings to the industry. In an era where compelling content and cutting-edge creativity are becoming more crucial for businesses, these startups are trailblazing, offering fresh and exciting services in their industries.

From revolutionary technology-oriented agencies to those specializing in brand amplification, the startups spotlighted below are pushing boundaries, refining the strata of the creative industry, and transforming the landscape of digital marketing, advertising, and beyond. The West Coast is indeed home to some of America’s most exciting Creative Agency startups.

Join us as we explore these dynamic startups – providing a brief overview of each, including their unique offerings, links to their websites, and other pertinent details. Whether you’re looking for your next investment opportunity, interested in trends shaping the creative industry, or simply fascinated by innovative business ventures, buckle up for an exciting journey across the LA creative startup scene.

Real Hype Creative Technology

Real Hype Creative Technology is a diverse and vibrant startup offering vast services like content creation, digital marketing, e-commerce, and event management. Its founders, led by Erica Yang, have successfully mastered the blend of creativity with technology, giving birth to a one-of-a-kind agency that caters to a range of business needs.

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Founded by Evan Slater and Joshua Greenberg, Caveat stands out for its specialization in storytelling, influencer marketing, and creative content creation. They are committed to innovative advertising and marketing strategies that get their clients noticed.

This Feels Right

This Feels Right is a creative agency dedicated to product design, digital marketing, and packaging services. With an emphasis on making things feel “right,” they employ creativity to help their clients stand out in the marketplace.

Rezistor Studios

Rezistor Studios is a media production company that excels in creating content, brand development, and music video production. Founded by Marc Furmie, this studio leverages creativity in broadcasting and film production.

Plural Studios

Plural Studios is an LA-based creative studio and production company, simplifying complex ideas through beautiful animations and stunning photography.

Divergent Creative Society

Pioneers of creativity, technology, and branding, Divergent Creative Society offers hyper-growth technologies to its clients. Their expertise in AI, blockchain, and machine learning is paving the way forward for a new era in the creative industry.

XR Studios

Specializing in augmented and virtual reality production, XR Studios utilizes cutting-edge technology to create immersive and memorable experiences.


Glossi leverages creative design to build captivating ads, sensational social media presence, and enticing storefront visuals that drive product marketing. is an innovative platform that hosts events and showcases art for artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the heart of Los Angeles.

3205 Embassy

3205 Embassy is an innovative advertising agency offering a range of services like marketing, branding, and production to help businesses enhance their brand identities.

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Posh Studios

The LA-based Posh Studios designs and operates creative studio spaces for film, photography, and private events, infusing luxury and style into every project.


Storia is a brand amplification agency, driving visibility and impact for businesses through effective content creation and innovative advertising solutions.


Taking full advantage of the blockchain revolution, Kollectiff is a creative studio leveraging blockchain technology and NFTs to help businesses transition into the web3 era.


MARTY is a branding and design creative agency that specializes in tapping into the power of design to create distinct and attractive brand identities.


Puzzl is an all-in-one platform that enables freelancers, studios, collectives, and other independents to expand their businesses. Founded by Aakruti Desai and Veeraj Mehta, Puzzl is creating a buzz in the creative agency industry.

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