Exploring LA’s Top Influential Shopping Startups Shaping Retail in 2023

Los Angeles, the city of angels, is not just a hub for entertainment and creativity, it’s also a thriving incubator for startups. Nestled among the celebrity homes and iconic landmarks are companies that are disrupting the shopping industry. From sustainable food shopping to non-binary fashion and live commerce, these LA-based startups represent the diversity and ingenuity of the city’s entrepreneurial landscape.

Whether you’re a discerning shopper looking for unique products or you’re interested in the innovative ways businesses are adapting to the demands of modern consumers, these shopping startups offer an exciting glimpse into the future of retail. Let’s take a tour around LA’s shopping startup scene and see how these trailblazing businesses are shaking things up.

Here are some of the most interesting shopping startups in Los Angeles right now:

Re_ grocery

Re_ grocery is a package-free grocery store that offers access to affordable and healthy organic food. Founded by Joseph and Lauren Macrino, this startup is making strides in the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, Grocery, Retail, Shopping, and Sustainability industries.


Christen Press, Megan Rapinoe, and Meghan Klingenberg started Re as a lifestyle brand that offers customizable products and experiences for people seeking innovative non-binary design.


Smarty aims to make internet shopping easier for everyone. This startup offers various services in the E-Commerce, Retail, Shopping, and Telecommunications industries.


Stately is a fashion brand that supplies men’s wear, shoes, and accessories with an endeavour to transform the Fashion, Retail, and Shopping industry.

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Buyaladdin is a global e-commerce company that offers an all-in-one shopping app and multi-payment options.

Family Style Food Festival

Family Style Food Festival is an event services startup based in the city, with a focus on the food and beverage industry.

Gacha World: Games & Prizes

Founded by Kazuyuki Nagashima, Gacha World allows players to engage with gacha machines and win prizes. This startup operates in the E-Commerce, Gamification, Gaming, and Shopping industries.


Flip, founded by Jonathan Ellman and Noor Agha, is a next-gen social & live commerce platform. It combines a TikTok-like discovery experience with a premium e-commerce service.


With Chirpyest, Colette Shelton created a social commerce marketplace where consumers can earn cash back for shopping or sharing product finds from over 1000 retailers.


Vossington is an online retailer and home decor brand offering a line of premium picture frames and wall art. Founders Emil Bergdahl and Ralf Stelander have explored multiple industries like Art, E-Commerce, Home Decor, etc., with their startup.


Buzzin is an apparel and accessories retailer that brings a modern touch to the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Shopping industry.


Founded by Kristine Locker, LOCKER allows users to browse, save, share and recommend favorites across hundreds of brands in fashion, beauty & home.


Midst, founded by Matthew Ashburn, is a shopping platform that offers Shopping As A Service – a novel concept in the Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, and Shopping industries.


Crossing is an American online manufacturer and retailer of sports collectibles and trading cards.


Tenshoppe is a fashion designer that provides clothing and accessories, making a stylish impact in the Fashion, Retail, and Shopping industry.

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In conclusion, Los Angeles’ startup scene is brimming with creativity and innovation, with these shopping startups playing a significant role. As ecommerce continues to grow, these ventures represent the future of shopping—reeked with sustainability, unique experiences, and tech-driven processes. Each of these startups is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of LA and its role in shaping the shopping of tomorrow.


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