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Los Angeles is a vibrant city that is renowned for its grandeur and dynamism, but it is often overlooked as a potential startup hub. Naturally, Los Angeles, being a vibrant and culturally rich city, has become a breeding ground for startups, particularly those tapping into the numerous possibilities of technology and the arts. This article will shine a light on some of these exciting art startups that are stirring up the LA scene, enhancing lives through creativity and technological innovation.

These startups range from solutions that leverage AI and machine learning to enhance various industries to platforms that aim to revolutionize how we interact with art and media. They encapsulate the vibrant, innovative spirit of Los Angeles, where creativity and technology come together to create trailblazing and unique solutions in their respective industries. Each startup tells a unique story of innovation, risk-taking, and determination, underlining the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Los Angeles.

It’s time to take a closer look at the art startups gracing the city of Los Angeles and understand their processes, impact, and vision. Here are some of the most exciting players disrupting the industry with their ground-breaking ideas and solutions:


FINESSE is a fashion house takes on a techy approach leveraging AI on big data and community feedback to predict trends and optimize distribution. Led by Alice Hau and Ramin Ahmari, FINESSE aims to revolutionize the fashion and market research industry.

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Co-founded by Fred Manby, Sarah Trice, and Thomas Miller, Entos uses machine learning-technology for energy and force evaluations required for R&D labs, adding a techy spin to the artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software industry.


Counterpart, guided by Tanner Hackett, is an insurtech startup company that works in the management liability insurance market. Counterpart is striving to drive change in the artificial intelligence, fintech, and software industry.

nFlux AI

Founded by Seyed Sajjadi, nFlux AI creates a unified integrated interface where users can acquire information efficiently and effectively. It is a significant contributor to the artificial intelligence, computer vision, and research industry.

Atomic Industries

With Aaron Slodov, Austin Bishop, and Lou Young Jr. at the helm, Atomic Industries builds an AI-powered tool and die maker, impacting prospective industries such as industrial automation, machine learning, and manufacturing.


Floodlight is a dynamic data analytics company that aims to make Scope 1 & 2 GHG measurement and reporting fast, easy, and defensible. Founded by Erin Angerer, Josh Pitts, and Nate Wyne, Floodlight is targeting industries such as big data, geospatial, and risk management for revolution.


Fathered by Jason Goldsmith, Luke Collis, and Rocky Collis, Mustard is an elite-level motion analysis app for broad athletics coaching. Mustard aspires to revolutionize the apps, sports, and artificial intelligence industry.


Co-founded by Anand Murugan, Gajendran Ganesapandian, and Shivangi Patel, Cratoflow is a B2B SaaS Platform that automates day-to-day bookkeeping processes using a virtual assistant built on conversational AI and ML.


Cleareye.ai is a startup that aims to simplify banking through advanced AI techniques. Founders Mariya George and Sarath Sasikumar focus on impacting the artificial intelligence and software industry.

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SF Insuretech

Guided by Robert Smithson, SF Insuretech provides AI-based data and monitoring solutions for auto insurance companies, making strides in the artificial intelligence, auto insurance, and technology sector.

114 AI

114 AI is an information technology company that manages data with the use of AI across industries. Although the founders remain anonymous, their contribution to the IT and AI industry is significant.

Wizard Labs

Wizard Labs, despite the anonymity of its founders, is changing the gaming industry by using AI to simplify the creation and distribution of game videos — a major stride for the art, information and tech industry.


Founded by Joseph Sokol, Icardio.AI is engaged in interpreting echocardiograms using machine learning algorithms by using 200M+ individual images. This startup is set to change the heart of the AI, big data, and medical field.


Founded by Samuel Kassa and Yelekal Mengistu, SpartaX aims at democratizing AI by building a no-code platform for enterprises to leverage their data and go beyond. They are changing the face of big data, business intelligence, and SaaS.

Fox Soul

Fox Soul is a television network company that provides streaming channel services. Despite the anonymity of the founders, Fox Soul is playing an enormous role in the Art, media and entertainment, and video streaming industry.

The evolution of art startups in Los Angeles will undoubtedly continue to shape and influence culture and creativity. These startups bring about a revolution in their respective fields. An exciting time indeed for Los Angeles, with more innovation on the horizon.

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