Exploring Influential Software Startups Revolutionizing Miami’s Tech Landscape

A compelling mixture of sun, sea, and thriving startup culture, Miami is fast becoming a hotbed for technological innovation. Breeding a new wave of software startups, the city is setting trends across a host of sectors. This article sheds light on 15 of the most intriguing software startups that are making waves in Miami’s rapidly evolving startup scene.

From addressing needs in sectors like healthcare, property management, public benefit, finance, contract review to predictive gaming, these software startups are pioneering advanced solutions and paving the way forward. In entrepreneurial spirit and with innovative angles, these companies are revolutionizing their respective industries.

The ingenuity and vision of their founders remain a common thread weaving their success stories together. These startups are driving growth, innovating, and contributing substantially to the city’s vibrant software startup ecosystem. Here is an in-depth look into what these startups do, their industries, and their founders.


Emerging from Miami’s bubbling startup scene, Ostro is a health platform that gives personalized engagement solutions for the life sciences industry. Operates within health care, information technology, pharmaceutical, and software, Ostro was founded by Ahmed Elsayyad, Chase Feiger, and Ryan Junee.


DoorLoop is a software company focused on property management. As an innovative solution for tenants screening, rent collection, and accounting services management, DoorLoop is founded by a trio: Adam M., David Bitton, and Dean Brodesky.


“Bringing people together.” That’s the motto of Column, a public benefit corporation that designed technology to facilitate collaborations between media, governments, and legal services for public notifications. Jake Seaton and Joshua Hone stand guard at the helm.

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Located at the intersection of finance and health care is Caribou, healthcare planning software for the financial service industry. Founded by Christine Simone and Cory Blumenfeld, Caribou is set to revolutionize the industry.

Document Crunch

Imagine an AI platform for reviewing contracts and documents, sounds amazing, right? Document Crunch, founded by Adam Handfinger, Adam Nadler, and Jennifer Bush, does just that.

Allvue Systems

Allvue Systems is a technology provider tailor-made for private capital and credit market investment managers. Kevin MacDonald, founded this original enterprise.

Keo Sports

Fantasy sports, gaming, software, sports industry pioneer Keo Sports develops predictive gaming engine intended to offer real-time micro-betting experiences in live sports. This brainchild belongs to Tomash Devenishek.


Big player in broadcasting, gambling, gaming, IT, and software industries, Xpoint offers an essential geo compliance solution to the sports betting and iGaming industries globally.

PTO Genius

Leading burnout reduction and improving employee loyalty, PTO Genius helps companies optimize, automate and reimagine Paid Time Off. Founders Adam P. Gordon, Em Pi, Ulises I. Orozco have moved this concept into reality.


Lazo offers a cloud-based platform that provides guidance to users for their taxes, accounting, and finance. With domain expertise, Lazo is the brainchild of Juan Manuel Barrero.


Implementing smart staffing quickly and more happily, HireApp has its roots in information technology, mobile technology, recruiting, scheduling, and software. The breathtaking entrepreneurial spirit of Nemanja Stefanović and Simon Stantic made it happen.


Venture fund and startup studio EONXI operates in the blockchain, consumer, enterprise software, eSports, gaming, internet industries. Founder Sherrard Harrington powers this industry pioneer forward.

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Lynk is a capital markets fintech empowering asset managers to seamlessly repack investment strategies into globally traded securities.


Marotino, a software powerhouse proficient in java, react, angular, react-native, blockchain technology. Founder Cezary Ostrowski spearheads this information technology and mobile software specialist.


Loanpass is a digital lending platform that provides automated portfolio underwriting, funds processing, and loan pricing solutions. Bill Roy founded this industry front-runner.

In conclusion, whether it’s advanced healthcare solutions, revolutionizing property management, efficient public notifying systems, improving financial services or enhancing sports betting experiences, Miami’s software start-up scene is brimming with innovations. These enterprises with their breakthrough technologies and innovative approaches are shaping a brighter future.

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