Exploring Miami’s Most Influential Business Development Startups in 2023

Florida’s tech industry shines as brightly as the state’s sunny beaches—and there’s no greater testament to this prosperity than Miami’s thriving Business Development Startup scene. Each startup is developing unique solutions, combining innovation and adaptability to disrupt traditional business models in their respective industries. This article showcases the work of 15 such startups that have managed to stand out for their creativity, resilience, and focus on building a better business environment through their products and services.

These innovative startups operate in diverse industries ranging from E-commerce, Consulting and Asset Management to Marine Technology and Sales. The common thread that binds them all? An unwavering commitment to finding better ways to solve problems, optimize processes, and boost profitability.

But what’s truly inspiring is their ability to turn ideas into reality despite the myriad challenges that come with starting a business. Let’s take a tour of these companies.

Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box brings the tropical goodies from farm to door. The company specializes in the cultivation, procurement, and delivery of tropical and exotic fruits, serving not just the US market, but also a global one. Each package presents a delightful box of healthy surprises fresh from the tropics.

Next Gen Strategic Investments

Next Gen Strategic Investments is a revolutionary e-commerce management company, designing strategies and platforms needed to help businesses achieve their goals. With innovation at its core, the company remains at the forefront of this highly competitive field.

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BrookeWealth Global, LLC

A privately-owned global management consulting firm, BrookeWealth Global, LLC, under the leadership of founder Adam Brooke, offers holistic approaches to create value across several industries. With a wealth of global experience, the firm excels at transforming companies and shaping the future of industries.

EVOX Global

As an IT solutions platform, EVOX Global provides comprehensive IT services that cater to essential business requirements such as scalability, security governance, mentoring, and integration. This makes them an unparalleled ally for businesses seeking technological transformation.


AMZTOTAL is a top-notch e-commerce consulting firm. It streamlines online businesses by offering comprehensive services such as product research, sourcing, and manufacturing. Their exceptional approach has allowed many businesses to flourish in the competitive arena of e-commerce.

Level Up

As digital marketing continues to evolve, Level Up has established itself as a pioneer. This startup prides itself on offering creative design services, optimizing sales strategies, and providing business management services.

GL Capital Trust

A leader in the financial sector, GL Capital Trust offers a myriad of services including business consulting, asset management, investment, and protection. A beacon of trust and reliability, GL Capital Trust resolves complex financial challenges.

MV Capital Group

MV Capital Group is an investment company that has carved a niche for itself by specializing in providing debt funding for small to mid-size construction companies, thereby playing a pivotal role in their growth and development.


Promethean takes digital communication to a new level. It provides location-based marketing and analytics services, potentially transforming how businesses interact with consumers.

RFN Advisory Group

Revolutionizing the consulting sector, the RFN Advisory Group provides advisory services on business processes, transition planning, and operational assessment. Their broad expertise assists businesses in plotting out future strategy for continued growth.

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Factor Engagement

A worthy addition to the digital marketing landscape, Factor Engagement prides itself on creating effective strategies to enhance businesses’ online presence and grow their audience.


Focused on brand marketing, digital wizardry and project management, engaged/rewards is a network of skilled individuals committed to creating valuable experiences for both businesses and customers.

Intercontinental Executive Search

An expert in the field of recruitment and consulting, Intercontinental Executive Search provides executive search, leadership advisory, succession planning services. Through their services, they are reshaping the human resources landscape.


With a rich heritage in marine technology, Technonaval offers project management, technical solutions, and marine services. Serving a broad clientele that includes marine businesses, shipping companies, the company stands as a symbol of cutting-edge technological solutions.


Bringing together merchants and customers for a unified shopping experience, OpenStore, founded by Jack Abraham, Jeremy Wood, and Keith Rabois provides access to data, information, and capital. Their unique e-commerce model continually bridges the gap between the virtual and physical shopping experience.

In conclusion, these startups, with their extraordinary propositions and unwavering determination, demonstrate that Miami is not just about fun and sun. The city is a hotbed of innovation and promises to continue inspiring others with its dynamic business environment.

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