Exploring Miami’s Most Influential Blockchain Startups in the Tech Scene


Milo is a Miami-based blockchain startup looking to disrupt the financial landscape. Driven by highly talented founding members such as Josip Rupena, the FinTech aims at ensuring financial solutions and credit access to global consumers using cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. With primary interest engrained in Blockchain, Credit, Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, FinTech, and Lending, Milo offers wider possibilities for crypto holders to access credit unlike ever before.

Atlas Space

Atlas Space takes blockchain development to new heights. This startup introduces a virtual application that allows individuals or organizations to conduct business, initiate learning systems, and even arrange events. Atlas Space proves to be a one-stop solution for e-learning, enterprise applications, and virtual reality services using its B2B-oriented blockchain technology.


The gaming industry isn’t left behind when it comes to blockchain. EONXI, one of the blockchain startups in Miami, founded by Sherrard Harrington, forms a venture fund and startup studio using blockchain tech. The startup’s core focus lies in Blockchain, Consumer, Enterprise Software, eSports, Gaming, and Internet services.

Blockchain Center

Blockchain deserves a center of everything, and the Blockchain Center offers just that. Blockchain Center Miami serves as an extensive platform for blockchain knowledge, co-working space, and hosting blockchain-focused events. The center undertakes education and blockchain services on its optimum level.

The Circle GDFO

The world of jets and yachts gets an upgrade with The Circle GDFO, implementing secure cloud-based data intelligence. The startup aims at enhancing the information dynamics in this elite segment with the help of blockchain tech.

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ProductShare, under its founders Anton Polski and Jose Herrera, emerges as a promising retail e-commerce platform secured by blockchain technology. It also empowers the retail industry by injecting more trustworthiness and immutability into marketplace transactions.

Spartan Hill

Financial services utilize blockchain technology to create revolutionary services like wallet and crypto payments. This is exactly what Spartan Hill, founded by Omar Hernandez Doux-Ruisseau, aims to do.


Halborn’s mission is cyber security. Sparked to life by its founders, Rob Behnke and Steven Walbroehl, Halborn has its eyes set on neutralizing cyber risks associated with blockchain organizations.


Offering development services for innovative blockchain protocol, VRRB Labs is a startup that encapsulates the holistic nature of blockchain technology and scales it to new dimensions.


Neomoon presents a digital bank based on stablecoin, making the concept of having a dollar account in Latin America an easy process. Founders Fedor Saldivia, Fernando Perozo, and Luis Miguel Bevilacqua anticipate revolutionizing the banking and FinTech industry with this crypto-based undertaking.

Mean DAO

Mean DAO, innovated by Eydel Ruiz, automates payment and banking workflows. Interestingly, it even offers flexibility on payment schedules- telling a tale of how blockchain can make financial processes more efficient.


InfiniteWorld is a Metaverse infrastructure platform. Founded by Yonathan Lapchik, the startup combines Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Information Technology, and Marketing to give users a one-of-kind Metaverse experience.

Beorus Corporation

The legally constituted Beorus Corporation specializes in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. From corporate training to complex blockchain solutions, their skillset is far and wide.


Fancision, innovated by Alejandro Echeverria, Carlos Echeverria, and Carlos Heinze, uses gamification and blockchain to engage and monetize football fans. The firm brings the invigorating worlds of eSports, gaming, and sports together with blockchain technology and NFTS to create an unprecedented fan experience.

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Last but not the least, chronchain, founded by Esso-Dong Djafalo, is a blockchain-based protocol focussed on open finance. By integrating financial services into the immutable, decentralized world of blockchain, chronchain brings the future of finance one step closer.

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