Exploring Top Influential Biotech Startups in Palo Alto, California 2023

Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley in California, United States, is home to innovative startups that push boundaries of biotechnology and healthcare. The biotech industry has been revolutionizing the field of medicine, making procedures more effective, less invasive, and unlocking possibilities for treating previously untreatable conditions. A hotspot of scientific research and technological innovation, Palo Alto stands at the forefront of this rapid evolution with a number of promising startups.

These companies combine innovation, entrepreneurship, and cutting-edge science to develop products and services that could potentially change healthcare as we know it. From producing cheese without animals to democratizing DNA synthesis, these startups are on a mission to break the norm and introduce innovative solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

Please find a list of some of the most exciting biotechnology startups based in Palo Alto, California below, along with information on who their founders are, what industry they operate in, and what they do:

MIT Scientific, Inc.

MIT Scientific, Inc., founded by Rafal W. Lopallo, is committed to creating innovative medical devices, revolutionizing the field from conception to patient care. This bottom-up MedTech innovation platform brings together the realms of Biotechnology, Health Care, and the Medical industry. You can learn more about their pioneering work here.

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Change Foods

Change Foods, with founders David Bucca and V. S. Junior Te’o, is changing the game in the Food and Beverage industry by producing animal-free cheese and dairy products. Their innovation plays a significant role in the Sustainability, Biotechnology, and Consumer Goods sectors. Visit their official website here for more detailed information.

Switchback Systems

Switchback Systems, founded by Mary Noe, is a Biopharma, Biotechnology and Life Science startup working to democratize DNA synthesis. Their innovative work is pivotal in catapulting DNA synthesis into mainstream application. Visit their official website to keep up with their revolutionizing efforts.

The Public Health Company

Brian Levine and Charity Dean founded The Public Health Company, aiming to provide enterprises with a SaaS-enabled service for managing bio-risks. As a Biotechnology, SaaS and Software startup, their work contributes significantly to the future of public health. To learn more about them, go to their link.

Pheast Therapeutics

Pheast Therapeutics, led by founders Amira Barkal and Roy Maute, develops checkpoint therapies that harness the innate immune system. They contribute greatly to Biotechnology, Life Science, and Therapeutic industry. Check their website for more details about their research and work.

Outer Biosciences

Outer Biosciences, currently operating in stealth mode, is a promising entrant in the Biotechnology, Health Care and Medical industry. All eyes are on them as they move forward. Click to visit their website.

The Liver Company

The Liver Company is a Biotechnology and Health Care company founded by Gangadhara Ganapati, Mani Subramanian, and Muzammil Mansuri. Even without a website, their impact on healthcare is already anticipated by medical professionals and patients alike.

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Matthew Baggott, Ph.D., founded Tactogen, a Biopharma, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical company, that focuses on developing empathogen medicines. Their cutting-edge work is revolutionizing the way we think about treatments. Visit their site to find more about their innovative work.


Founder Ari Azhir is behind Neuvivo, a late clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company striving to develop new treatments for ALS. This promising biotech startup is driving the effort to find a cure for this devastating disease. Find more about them here.

Interface Biosciences

Specializing in using the microbiome to treat inflammatory diseases, Interface Biosciences is a platform therapeutics company that sits at the intersection of Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutics. Further details can be found on their website.

Gravity Medical Technology

Gravity Medical Technology is striving to democratize access to brain stroke treatment. They are a noteworthy player in the Health Care and Biotechnology field. Learn more about their journey here.

Exai Bio

Babak Alipanahi and Pat Arensdorf founded Exai Bio, a Biotechnology, Health Care, and Health Diagnostics company that centers around orphan non-coding RNAs and AI-based liquid biopsy. They show how technology and biology can merge into a single entity. For more information, check their website.

Greenstone Biosciences

Jade Chao and Joseph Wu, MD, PhD, founded Greenstone Biosciences, a drug discovery platform that accelerates therapy development for patients. They are making remarkable progress in the Biotechnology, Health Care, and Therapeutic sectors. More details about their work can be found here.


NextVivo is an exciting Biotech startup developing an immune organoid technology platform. Their pioneering work is integral to our understanding and manipulation of the immune system. More about their work can be found on their website.

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OrsoBio is developing products to treat severe metabolic disorders, including type II diabetes, amongst other conditions. They are a Biopharma, Biotechnology, Health Care, and Medical company. Visit their website for more information about their cutting-edge treatments.

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