Exploring Top Influential Media and Entertainment Startups in Los Angeles, 2023

Innovation is at the heart of the startup eco-system. One of the many exciting sectors where new companies are emerging is the entertainment industry. The city of Los Angeles, known for being the hub of the global film industry, has been the birthplace of several promising startups in recent years. These new market players are leveraging technology to disrupt traditional media consumption patterns and offer novel experiences for consumers.

They have introduced ground-breaking concepts, such as at-home hologram machines or social apps capturing real life moments, to the modern audience. These LA-based startups are unique, intriguing, and are paving their mark in diverse industries, including digital media, film production, event organization, and more. Below, we spill the deets about some of these exciting media and entertainment startups from the LA scene.


PROTO is revolutionizing unified communication with their at-home hologram machines. With a widespread application in industries such as Brand Marketing, Digital Signage, Higher Education, Media and Entertainment, Retail Technology, and more, founders David Nussbaum and Doug Barry are pioneering a new era of virtual presence.

Just Women’s Sports

Just Women’s Sports founded by Haley Rosen, is a digital platform dedicated to women’s sports. The platform engages audiences with content creation about women’s sports and gives a fresh perspective to sports entertainment.

Tom’s Watch Bar

Tom’s Watch Bar, founded by Richard Schaden and Tom Ryan, blends the food and beverage industry with entertainment media for a high-quality sports-viewing experience.

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Crossroads Live

Crossroad Lives specializes in producing musical theatre, pantomime, and immersive experiences. This startup stands as a testament to how freshness and innovation can redefine traditional media formats.


Founded by Hardi Meybaum and Jaanus Juss, Whatifi is disrupting the traditional passive viewing experience by creating active social experiences on your phone. Combining the creator economy with high production-value storytelling, Whatifi is reshaping the way people consume digital content.


FourFront is a media startup that integrates cryptocurrency into their model to create social and cinematic experiences for the entertainment industry. Founders Anna Melamed and Ilan Benjamin’s creative ideas bring uniqueness to the industry.

TalentX Entertainment

TalentX Entertainment leverages social media by operating as a premier social media monetization and talent development company. Founders Jason Wilhelm, Josh Richards, and Michael Gruen are redefining talent acquisition and development for the 21st century.


ReelCall serves as a matching platform creating relationships for the film and content creation community, innovating the way professionals network within the industry.


Reclip, leverages technology to capture and share real moments of the people. Founded by Josh F., this startup is reshaping the way people connect and share personal experiences.

Powerhouse Capital

Powerhouse Capital is a LA based venture fund dedicated to investment opportunities in technology, media, entertainment, and interactive gaming. Founded by Ian Doody and Salim Mitha, this startup offers great investment opportunities for the ever-growing tech sector.


Founder Mo Abersheid’s RockNTix develops an app-based platform for no-fee event ticketing, potentially revolutionizing how we purchase tickets for entertainment events.

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ESTV, founded by Eric Yoon, is a 24/7 live linear and ad-based video on demand esports channel. The company challenges traditional broadcasting with its focus on esports content.

CRAVE Global

CRAVE Global, founded by Charles Kim, is a full-service celebrity platform that represents celebrities, influencers, sports, and entertainment properties in China, broadening the global reach of the entertainment industry.


1091 is a global commercial distribution platform for content creators. By offering an easier and more accessible platform for content distribution, 1091 is diversifying the content that reaches global audiences.

Jumpcut Media

Jumpcut Media founded by Kartik Hosanagar, uses data-based strategies to help create films and TV shows. By using data to make informed decisions about content creation, Jumpcut Media is working towards creating more successful and tailored content.

As these startups continue to grow and pioneer their respective sectors, the landscape of the entertainment industry will surely evolve. From holograms to unique social experiences, these LA-based startups are not just innovating, but also creating a more diverse and inclusive entertainment industry.

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