Top Influential Advertising Startups Revolutionizing LA Industry in 2023

The city of Los Angeles, California, has been a prominent hotspot for budding entrepreneurs and innovative startups especially in the field of advertising. With the dynamic changes in the marketing landscape, advertising has evolved into a more personalized and interactive communication medium. Let’s delve into some of the remarkable advertising startups in Los Angeles that are making waves and transforming the advertising industry.

All of these startups are elevating the traditional advertising experience by introducing innovative ideas and digital solutions. These startups are not only promoting products and ideas but also helping businesses grow and reach their potential audience in a more effective and efficient way. These LA-based startups are shaping the future of the advertising industry by disrupting the conventional methods and bringing out-of-the-box solutions.

Every startup has its unique approach and offering, from self-service marketplaces that connect podcasters with advertisers to platforms that consolidate all social accounts & links under one roof. Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or simply an advertising enthusiast, these advertising startups sure pack a punch with their innovative approach and inspiring journeys.


Podcorn is a brilliant startup in the advertising industry based in Los Angeles. Founded by Agnes Kozera and David Kierzkowski, Podcorn is revolutionizing the way podcasters connect with advertisers. It is a self-service marketplace that facilitates native sponsorships, creating a win-win situation for both podcasters and advertisers.

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Marble, under the leadership of Robert Fair and Taylor Martyr, offers an innovative solution that allows users to consolidate all their social accounts and links under one roof. Marble falls in the Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, and Software industry and is gaining significant traction for its unique offering.


Another industry-disruptor, Podopolo, enhances the digital advertising industry by offering a platform where you can listen to interactive podcasts. The genius mind behind this venture is Melinda Wittstock. Podopolo’s platform has transformed the way advertisers reach out to their target audience by building a profitable ecosystem for creators and advertisers.


REAL WEB MEDIA is carving its niche in the Advertising, Advertising Platforms, and Marketing Industry. This self-serve platform is dedicated to buying and selling ads over the web and mobile devices, streamlining the digital ad experience for businesses and individual advertisers alike.

World 1 League

World 1 League, co-founded by Brett Morris, Erik Vendt, and Jim Swartz, is using the power of advertising in sports to connect with the new generation. Offering innovative solutions in Mobile Advertising, Social Media, Social Media Advertising, and Sports industry, World 1 League is helping brands to reach out to the youth engagingly and interactively.

beBOLD Digital

Established by Denny Smolinski, beBOLD Digital is a full-service Amazon & Walmart Agency. With its exceptional services in the Advertising, Information Technology, and Marketing industry, beBOLD Digital is proving to be a gamechanger for businesses in the retail beauty industry across all strata – from retail to luxury and premium.

Logo Infinix

Logo Infinix, specializes in high-quality logo designing, video animation, and a multitude of digital marketing services. Their creative services in the Advertising, Marketing, Product Design, Video, and Web Design industry are helping businesses create and boost their digital identities.

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Founded by Aaron Samuels, ASVC is an early-stage VC firm that is investing in the content economy. Dealing in Advertising, E-Commerce, Internet, Marketing, and Social Media, ASVC is injecting a fresh perspective in these industries and proving to be a preferred choice for investment.

Worldwide Casting

Worldwide Casting is bridging the gap between talent and opportunities. This startup is helping advertisers and content creators to find the right people for commercials, TV shows, game shows, reality shows, online content, and much more.

Brave Road Entertainment

Brave Road Entertainment is going beyond traditional advertising methods to drive impact and engagement. It is a social impact marketing agency that leverages the power of storytelling to connect brands and businesses with their audiences.


Freckle is reshaping marketing and advertising by tagging products in videos and creating shoppable video landing pages. It’s a unique way of leveraging the power of video to create engaging shopping experiences for customers.

Claire Bahn Group

Run by Claire Bahn and Gordon Gooch, Claire Bahn Group is a communications and marketing agency that offers a gamut of services including Advertising, Personal Branding, Public Relations, and Social Media Management. Their holistic approach to marketing is helping businesses expand their reach and influence.


PluckStudio is a creative startup in the advertising industry offering video solutions for TV commercials and social ads. Their creative approach to advertising helps companies create engaging and impactful marketing campaigns.

Hustle & Hustle

Hustle & Hustle is a publishing and media consulting company that helps businesses develop revenue streams and reach new audiences effectively. They’re a one-stop solution for Advertising and Marketing.

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Lastly, Gainfluence, an influencer marketing agency is leveraging the impact of influencer marketing in the Advertising, Content Marketing, Marketing, and Web Design industry. They help brands connect with influencers and reach out to their target audiences interactively.

These Los Angeles-based advertising startups highlight the creative potential and business acumen of LA entrepreneurs – taking digital advertising to new heights by breaking barriers, introducing innovative solutions, and facilitating dynamic connections between advertisers and audiences.

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