Exploring Top LA’s Influential Digital Entertainment Startups in 2023

The digital entertainment industry is ever-evolving, with advancements in technology constantly offering new and innovative ways for us to enjoy and consume entertainment. Leading the way in these advancements is the thriving startup scene in Los Angeles, a city renowned for its involvement in the entertainment industry. This guide is going to take you through some of the most interesting digital entertainment startups that call LA, home.

These startups range from mobile gaming, social applications, audio production studios, casting agencies, and even interactive entertainment platforms. These companies are redefining entertainment, making the city one of the most exciting hubs for digital innovation in the world.

With the city’s creativity and technological resources, it is no surprise that LA is home to a range of pioneering companies in the digital entertainment industry. Below are 15 of the most groundbreaking LA digital entertainment startups you need to know.

1. Artie

First on our list is Artie, a company aiming to redefine the mobile gaming experience for players and improve the economics of mobile games for developers. Founded by Armando Kirwin and Ryan Horrigan, Artie operates in the blockchain, digital entertainment, gaming, mobile, and social media industries.

2. Qcode

Qcode is an audio production studio that was founded by Rob Herting. It is a prime player in the audio, digital entertainment, and music industries.

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3. Reclip

Another interesting startup is Reclip, a social application that captures and shares the real moments of a person’s life. Founded by Josh F., Reclip operates in the apps, digital entertainment, media and entertainment, and video industries.

4. Worldwide Casting

Worldwide Casting is a startup that specializes in finding people for commercials, TV shows, and online content. This casting agency operates in the advertising, digital entertainment, marketing, media and entertainment, and TV industries.

5. Cadenza.tv

Founders Jason Mattiace, Joe DeWulf, and Stephen DeBrincat created Cadenza.tv, an interactive entertainment platform where creators can deliver premium experiences for their fans. The company operates in the digital entertainment, and media and entertainment industries.

6. Multihouse Entertainment

Multihouse Entertainment is a hybrid entertainment and tech company that aims to improve communities through the power of storytelling. It focuses solely on the digital entertainment industry.

7. (co)laboratory

Founded by Jaymee Messler, (co)laboratory is a first-of-its-kind studio and content incubator at the cutting-edge of sports and entertainment.

8. The Shift

The Shift, founded by Maureen Isern, is an impact-driven organization aligned with creative visions. You can learn more about them here.


IKONTUBE is a digital media and entertainment company founded by Amir Farrahi. The company operates in the digital entertainment, digital media, media and entertainment, and video sectors.

10. Roger Dodger Studios

Asia Coleman and Ryan Ashford founded Roger Dodger Studios, an entertainment company that operates in numerous industries such as content, digital entertainment, film production, and media and entertainment.

11. Traxbeat

Traxbeat is a music rating and multi chart platform that connects musicians/bands, record labels, and music fans. It operates in the digital entertainment and music industries.

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12. Schoolyard Inc.

Founded by Brennan McNichol, Kim McNichol, and Sean Harris, Schoolyard Inc. is a digital entertainment company that also operates in the digital media, and media and entertainment sectors.

13. GayBingeTV

Armando del Castillo founded GayBingeTV, a streaming service catering specifically to gay men. The company operates in the digital entertainment and video streaming industries.

14. Stan World

Founded by Aidan Lee and Peter Jung, Stan World, is a Fandom League Metaverse where fans congregate as a fandom and compete with other fandoms to collect points & earn rewards.

15. Pixel Canvas

Joey Lee and Liam Nguyen founded Pixel Canvas, a browser-based, 3D, interactive platform designed to help major brands address digital interactivity with a superior product. It operates in the digital entertainment industry.

With such a diverse and vibrant digital entertainment scene, Los Angeles is truly a hotbed for innovation in the sector. These startups showcase the breadth and depth of creativity and technological prowess that make Los Angeles a global hub for digital entertainment.

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