Top Los Angeles Digital Marketing Startups Transforming Industry Landscape in 2023

Los Angeles, California houses a dynamic digital marketing scene driven by innovative startups that transform and elevate the industry’s standards. From utilizing cutting-edge technology trends to creating unique ways to communicate with consumers, these startups bring value to businesses and organizations seeking to establish and boost their digital presence. This article will explore some promising digital marketing startups based in Los Angeles.

Indeed, these startups present a perfect blend of creativity, strategic insights, and technological prowess to meet the growing demands of digital marketing in today’s digitalized era. The diversity in their specialized areas – including marketing automation, content creation, public relations, social media management, and web design – reflects the ever-growing breadth of the digital marketing landscape.

Here’s a closer look at some of these startups, offering an insight into what they do, who they are, and their founders.

Done Marketing

Done Marketing specializes in empowering small and medium-sized businesses through digital marketing. Founded by Emil Karlsen and Tobias Mikalsen, they cater to industries such as Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing Automation.

Real Hype Creative Technology

With Erica Yang leading the team, Real Hype Creative Technology offers a wide range of services spanning Content Creation, Content Marketing, Event Management, and Social Media Management among others.

Red Light PR

In the realm of public relations, Red Light PR stands tall providing services related to fashion publicity, product placement, strategic branding, and events, making their mark in Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Public Relations industries.

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Stepping into the world of advertising and brand marketing, Archetype stands tall as a leading marketing and advertising agency.

Bruno PR & Social

Founded by Nicole Bruno, Bruno PR & Social offers a variety of services such as social media management and ads, public relations, content, digital, and influencer marketing.

The Annie Agency

The Annie Agency is a digital marketing powerhouse offering brand campaigns, strategic marketing, and business consulting services within the advertising, brand marketing, and digital marketing industry.

This Feels Right

Refusing to be boxed into a single category, This Feels Right positions itself as a creative agency providing services not only in digital marketing but also in product design and packaging.

Victory Group International

Victory Group International is a marketing consulting firm offering branding, advertising, and endorsements services with a sharp focus on advertising, consulting, digital marketing, and marketing.

First Result Marketing

First Result Marketing caters specifically to startups and online businesses, rendering digital marketing services and also dabbling in web design.

Duo Strategy

Duo Strategy offers a suite of services, including web design, branding, copywriting, paid media, creative design, video advertising, and digital marketing services.

Blue Dolphin Marketing

Blue Dolphin Marketing is a full-stack creative marketing agency that provides a range of services, including web design, implementation, and maintenance services catering to industries such as Digital Marketing, Marketing, and Web Design.


As a virtual assistant company, Virtualistant uniquely provides real estate virtual assistants and digital marketing services within the Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, and Web Development industry.


An industry-specific influencer marketing platform, Evolusen specializes in the Tourism and Hospitality industry, reaching out to content creators in these sectors for digital marketing.

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Reach Advance

Reach Advance delivers high impact results with innovative technology and personalized marketing strategies. They cater to various sectors such as Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, SaaS, SEO, and Web Design.


Savely, founded by Christopher Shiner, Hov Marukyan, and Matt Wood, is an interesting platform that combines digital marketing assistance with financial goals and traveling objectives. They operate within the Digital Marketing, Financial Services, Information Services, and Travel industry.

In summary, the variety and depth of digital marketing startups in Los Angeles not only reflect the dynamic and competitive nature of the industry but also underline the city’s vitality as a hub for innovative entrepreneurship. Each of these startups brings something unique to the table, fueling the promise for a more connected and digital future.

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