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GreatTEK – Revolutionizing Proptech Automation


Are you tired of outdated, manual processes in your office or building? Say hello to GreatTEK, the innovative SaaS platform that connects Smart/iOT devices for seamless proptech automation. With their cutting-edge technology, GreatTEK is changing the game in the world of connected devices.

Connecting Spaces, Saving Time and Money

GreatTEK’s platform can transform any building into a “smart” one, utilizing a rule-based smart ecosystem for lighting, security, energy management, and more. By automating these processes, businesses and individuals can save time and money, while creating a safer and more comfortable living and working environment.

Low-Voltage UV Sanitization – The Future of Sanitation

With the growing concern over safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic, GreatTEK has introduced an innovative solution for sanitization. By incorporating low-voltage UV sanitization technology into their ecosystem, they are revolutionizing the way we think of safety and sanitation. GreatTEK’s technology provides a safe, easy, and effective method of disinfecting spaces, leaving you with peace of mind.

Filling the Gap in Proptech Automation

GreatTEK aims to fill the gap in the missing technology in your office building and everyday work habitat. By providing proptech automation technology, they enable more “comfort” and “safety” in your everyday living. Their focus on innovation and community offerings helps them provide cost-effective, high-quality solutions that are easily integrated into any workspace.

The Future Looks Bright with GreatTEK

With offices located in San Jose, California, GreatTEK has already made waves in the industry, gaining recognition for their cutting-edge technology and smart solutions. As they continue to grow, GreatTEK’s innovative and intuitive approach will lead the way in proptech automation.

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