Influential Gaming Startups Shaping Austin’s Tech Landscape in 2023

Austin, Texas, has quickly gained notoriety as a hotspot for tech startups in various industries, including the gaming industry. Home to a few famous game studios like Bioware, it’s no surprise that innovative gaming startups have sprouted up in the capital of the Lone Star State. These startups are working on everything from revolutionary multiplayer games to new gaming technology. Let’s take a look at a few of these remarkable gaming startups, what they do and who is behind them.

The high-spirted city of Austin, with its vibrant music scene and top-notch universities, has attracted a diverse crowd of entrepreneurs looking to break grounds in the gaming industry. This dynamic blend of talent, creativity and support from investors has resulted in a flourish of gaming startups, developing cutting-edge games and gaming tools.

Whether you’re an avid gamer seeking the next trend, an investor scouting promising ventures, or just an enthusiast fascinated by the gaming industry, our roundup of gaming startups in Austin, Texas, will have something to pique your interest.

INK Games

Founded by Josh Gause, Robert Towles, and Thom Martinson, INK Games is a gaming startup pioneering a virtual playground to connect gamers, influencers, and online users. They don’t just offer video games; they create an interactive universe for players to immerse in. It’s an impressive example of Austin’s innovative gaming scene continually pushing boundaries.

Junto Creations

Junto Creations focuses on designing entertaining games for children. Although the founders of this startup are yet to be disclosed, they proved that it’s possible to mix business with pleasure, deploying their creativity into making fun and addictive games for kids.

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Enduring Games

Enduring Games is a game development studio specializing in console, handheld, and streaming hardware games. The company maintains a high standard in visuals and gameplay, ensuring that fans get to enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience.

Future Brush

Co-founded by Sagar Gulati, Future Brush is dedicated to creating hyper-casual mobile games. It is a subsidiary of the Witty Idiots, demonstrating their capabilities in crafting games for both Android and iOS devices that are both simple and engaging.


Being at the intersection of tech and gaming is Cinevva, a startup helmed by Chris McCrimmons, Mariana Muntean, and Oleg Sidorkin. Its mission is to assist independent developers in standing out in the crowded market, offering automated tools and game analytics comparisons.


In the mobile gaming space, Monumental specializes in developing exciting and addictive games. The studio is intent on enriching the mobile gaming experience by introducing fresh concepts to the scene.


Founded by Kevin Webster and Kyle McConnell, Dubbz forges a path towards Web3 gaming and wagering. The startup advocates for a sustainable alternative to Play to Earn (P2E) gaming, adding a new dimension to the gaming marketplace.

OTK Network

OTK Network is an influencer network and media company built by creators, for creators. This startup seeks to leverage the power of social influencers in the gaming world, creating a community for like-minded individuals.


The brainchild of Alan Van Slyke, Igor Efremov, and Mark Rizzo, Arctic7 is a games development company rooted in passion and commitment to the craft. Their games are the products of talent, creativity, and an enduring spirit that reflects Austin’s gaming scene.

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Ender provides an engaging platform where children can win cash prizes for their innovative projects, whether it’s app development, game creation, or web development. Brainchildren of Gautam Bhargava and Kaelin Hooper, Ender actively helps kids transform their passion and creativity into viable projects.


Co-founded by Roj Niyogi, Winzos is an addictive gaming platform offering non-stop contests. Players are engaged in games and quizzes, where they get a chance to win exciting prizes.


Scrimmage, a startup venturing into web3 reward systems for sports bettors, offers $SCRIM tokens for betting on sportsbook accounts. Thus, integrating the thrilling worlds of gaming, eSports, and cryptocurrency.

Wimo Games

Sashay into the domain of video game development and publishing with Wimo Games. Focused on producing high-quality graphics, it works tirelessly to ensure players are captivated with the visuals as much as the gameplay.

Logans Gaming LLC

Started by the visionary Christopher Spivey, Logans Gaming LLC is a consumer electronics and computer retail company serving the gaming industry. It retails consoles, games, and other gaming peripherals, catering to every gamer’s needs.


Offering a gaming platform concentrated on Blockchain, InfiniGods is founded by Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue. They showcase the limitless possibilities of combining blockchain technology with gaming, adding an extra layer of security and transparency for players.

In conclusion, Austin’s vibrant gaming scene is a mosaic of innovation, creativity and technology. These promising startups are redefining what it means to game and what the future of gaming may look like.

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