Revolutionizing SaaS: New York’s Most Influential Startups in 2023 Unveiled

The startup scene in the Big Apple is brimming with innovation, particularly within the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector. Inspired by the city’s vibrancy and driven by the challenging and ever-changing business landscape, these startups are rapidly carving out a name for themselves in the local and global markets. We aim to introduce a selection of exciting SaaS startups based in New York. From scalable monitoring solutions to automated customer experience platforms, these startups are transforming a variety of industries with their innovative solutions and offerings.

Reflective of the swift pace of innovation, the variety of these startups also emphasizes the diverse uses of SaaS. With applications ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to ecommerce platforms and financial services, the potential of SaaS within the business environment is vast and endlessly adaptable. Let’s dive into these startups to find out more about their unique services, their founding members, and their impact on their respective industries.

The following are 15 SaaS startups based out of New York that every budding entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and industry thought leader should keep on their radar. Each one is making a unique contribution to the SaaS landscape and laying the groundwork for the future of software services.

Chronosphere is the brainchild of Martin Mao and Rob Skillington. This startup specializes in the development of a scalable, reliable, and customizable monitoring solution built specifically for cloud-native applications. It operates within the realm of Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, Information Technology, Productivity Tools, and SaaS.

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Check Technologies

Founded by Andrew Brown, Eric Stromberg, and Vivek Patel, Check Technologies is a payroll infrastructure startup that offers software development services in the fields of Information Technology, Payments, SaaS, Software.


Spearheaded by Bryan Mahoney and Henry Davis, Chord delivers a commerce-as-a-service software. The startup provides businesses with technology and products that give them access to meaningful data, operating within the realms of CRM, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, and SaaS.

BreachLock Inc.

On the cutting edge of cyber security, BreachLock Inc., founded by Seemant Sehgal, presents a revolutionary Pen Testing as A Service (PTaaS) solution. This forward-thinking startup leverages Certified Hackers and AI to offer unparalleled security services.


Founders Jon Apter and Nick Leopard have launched Maestro, a platform that connects the entire PE ecosystem. It promotes operational excellence and drives value in Financial Services, FinTech, Project Management, SaaS, and Software sectors.

Revolutionizing consumer product engagement,, founded by Tsiki Naftaly and Zvi Frank, offers an automated customer experience platform. Its operations span Cloud Computing, Computers, Consumer Electronics, IT, Internet, IoT, SaaS, and Software industries.


Established by Yuankai Cui, Graviti has developed a data management platform tailored for machine learning applications. This startup operates within the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, SaaS, and Software.


Welcome, founded by Nicholas Gavronsky and Rick Pereira, offers an innovative SaaS platform that enables companies to easily benchmark and communicate compensation to candidates and employees.


Founders Avery Durrant and Jack Pawlik have conceptualized Dripos as a comprehensive solution for restaurants. It streamlines various operations, easing out the management process for the industry professionals.

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BackboneAI, developed by Rob Bailey, provides data networks via intercompany automation, transforming how businesses manage and use their data.


Founded by Omri Givoni, Yoni Steinmetz, and Ziv Wangenheim, Rupert offers a solution to the last mile problem in the analytics chain with their analytics distribution and engagement tool.


Providing inventory optimization tools for retailers, Singuli, founded by Benjamin Kelly and Thierry Bertin-Mahieux, leverages the power of artificial intelligence to drive effective business management.


MeetFox is a SaaS solution developed by Jozef Kutka, Susanne Klepsch, and Tali Mandelzweig that enables professionals and companies to automate client meetings with one-click scheduling and integrated video calls.

Fermata Discovery

Leading the way in law enforcement innovations, Fermata Discovery, helmed by Amanda von Goetz, designs SaaS tools to automate and scale routine processes involved with investigative workflows.

BuyerSight, conceived by Brian Lee and Scott Lichtenstein, is the last entrepreneurial venture we’ll delve into. It has positioned itself as a go-to AI and predictive analytics platform for leaders of customer-facing teams.

In conclusion, these SaaS startups, along with countless others, are doing some truly innovative work and are leading the way in their respective industries. The ever-evolving field of SaaS is only going to continue growing, and these startups are worth keeping an eye on for their exciting developments in the field.

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