High-Impact E-Commerce Startups Shaping the Future in Palo Alto, California

From Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, California, come some of the most innovative and exciting e-commerce startups. These startups are at the forefront of combining technology, creativity and entrepreneurship to provide solutions that are shaping the future of online business. In this article, we will explore and showcase some of Palo Alto’s most intriguing e-commerce startups.

From the world’s first grocery shopping engine to a smart skincare discovery platform, and from a SaaS marketplace for medical aesthetics to a platform for online book clubs, the startups we are showcasing are making waves in their respective industries and reshaping the way we do business and engage with consumers online.

Without further ado, let’s delve into these innovative startups and see what they’re all about.


Founded by Payman Nejati, Rafael Sanches, and Renato Peterman, Anycart is the world’s first grocery shopping engine. They operate in the realms of E-Commerce, Food and Beverage, Grocery, Internet, Mobile Apps and Shopping.


Vori, is an innovative B2B operating system for the grocery industry, streamlining operations and democratizing food supply access. The startup was founded by Brandon Hill, Robert Pinkerton, and Tremaine Kirkman.


Seknd is a smart skincare discovery platform for personalized product recommendations, founded by Alyssa Min and Sunny Kim. They define their industry as E-Commerce, Marketplace, Personal Health, and Wellness.

Nonu Care

Nonu Care, India’s most authentic men’s wellness brand as said by Anudeep Reddy Sura, the founder. This innovative company operates in the E-Commerce, Health Care, and Wellness industry.

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Known as eCommerce Marketplace Experts specializing in Walmart.com, Brand3P built a reputation for itself in the E-Commerce industry.


OpenBeauty is a unique SaaS enabled managed marketplace for medical aesthetics. The startup, while not having a dedicated website, has definitely left a mark in the E-Commerce and Marketplace industries.


Theklicker, founded by Nihaal Rajput and Sheena Obrien, is an e-commerce tool that provides a directory of products for consumers to efficiently buy online.


Claiming to be America’s fastest growing land marketplace, Landmove’s platform has made waves in the E-Commerce and Marketplace industry.


Seer, co-founded by Christina Czap and Felipe Saint-Jean, is a SaaS-based sales and communication platform for Luxury retailers. They operate in the E-Commerce, Retail Technology, SaaS, and Software industry.


Fable, co-founded by Jason Shellen and Padmasree Warrior, provides a platform for online book clubs. This exciting startup operates within the E-Commerce, Health Care, mHealth, Personal Health, and Wellness industry.


Anandhi Balaganesan, Jagan Krish, and Revathi Karthik started ShippingChimp to improve repeat purchase rate and post-purchase experience for ecommerce companies.


DEUNA, founded by Jose Maria Serrano and Roberto Enrique Kafati Santos, is a SaaS startup that enables a one-click checkout buying experience and expands its sales network for e-commerce merchants.


PANTASTIC, an e-commerce platform offering multi-category products, was founded by Michelle Kim and Tom Cole.


Foody is an end-to-end order management system, designed by founder Vitaly Alexandrov for the foodservice industry.


Pattern, founded by Assaf Wand, Eyal Gluska, and Meitav Harpaz, is a one-stop-shop for adding innovative parametric and traditional insurance products into any consumer journey.

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