Influential Palo Alto Cyber Security Startups Reshaping US Tech Landscape


The epicenter of innovation and ground-breaking technology, Palo Alto, California, has given birth to several pioneering cyber-security startups. A fusion of sophisticated technology, daring entrepreneurs and a supportive ecosystem make Palo Alto a hub for these cyber-security startups. This article will introduce and explain the uniqueness of several cyber-security startups in Palo Alto, thus providing a glimpse into the thriving tech scene of the region.

With cyber threats increasing dramatically year by year, the need for effective solutions has reached unprecedented levels. Whether it’s protecting user data, ensuring the integrity of software code, or preventing breaches in cloud infrastructure, these startups are innovating novel responses to meet the challenges of the cyber age. To further understand these startups, we delve into their conceptions, missions, products, and the brilliant minds behind them.

From AI-powered data security to tools tackling misinformation online, we present a collection of Palo Alto’s finest – startups that are making a difference, enhancing security measures and propelling innovative leaps in the relatively new but highly vital field of cyber security.


Anvilogic is a security operations platform that navigates through multi-cloud workloads to ensure secure operations. The founders of this Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Network Security startup are Deb Banerjee and Karthik Kannan. They envisioned Anvilogic to support and improve security operations functioning across varied environments.


Developed by Ajay K Arora and Prakash Linga, BluBracket presents a unique code security platform. It takes action when detecting potential security and integrity issues, thereby fortifying cyber security standards in Enterprise Software provision.

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StrikeReady is a platform that enables defenders to overcome challenges of technology exhaustion, skilled-talent shortage and limited collaboration in the IT industry. Founded by Anurag Gurtu and Yasir Khalid, it aims at improving the overall effectiveness of cyber security measures.

Trust Lab

Co-founded by Benji Loney, Shankar Ponnekanti and Tom Siegel, Trust Lab is a unique software company in the Cyber Security, Social Media, and Software industry. It has developed software for social media platforms that detect misinformation, hate speech and harmful content, enhancing the overall online experience.


Skyflow, founded by Anshu Sharma and Prakash Khot, offers a cutting-edge, secure data privacy platform fronted by an API. The platform ensures all customer data remains secure and unruffled.


Ermetic is a cloud computing and cyber security solution that reduces the potential attack surface of cloud infrastructure. By enforcing least privilege, this startup, founded by Arick Goomanovsky, Michael Dolinsky, and Shai Morag, helps prevent breaches from transpiring.

Permiso Security

Started by Jason Martin, Phanikrishna Modali, and Stephen Demjanenko, Permiso Security provides a unique identity-based approach to cloud detection & response for cloud infrastructure, ensuring enhanced safeguards against cyber threats.

Happioh Inc

With a gamut of industries it operates across, Happioh Inc launched the first-ever short form, language, and platform-agnostic meeting intelligence software for the Enterprise SaaS market. Founded by Brian Frandsen and Soulaima Gourani, it brings about increased productivity within HR, Compliance, and CRM systems.


anecdotes is a compliance and cyber security tool that streamlines the infosec compliance efforts for organizations. Founded by Eitan Adler, Roi Amior, and Yair Kuznitsov, it uses innovation to empower compliance leaders.

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Airavana is an AI-powered data discovery and data security solution for cloud apps. The founders Ashish Verma and Kedar Kekan aim to ensure sensitive data across cloud applications is secure and under tight protection.


Co-founded by Anant Misra and Nikhil Gupta, ArmorCode offers an AppSecOps platform that reduces application exposure and risk for customers. It operates in the areas of Cyber Security, Information Technology, Network Security, and Software.


Trustero provides solutions and services that enable demonstrable, sustainable trustworthiness for emerging enterprises. Founded by Phillip Liu, this startup plays a critical role in Compliance and Cyber Security fields.


Incognia, developed by Alan Gomes and André Ferraz, is a digital identity solution that enhances security and usability. It operates within Biometrics, Cyber Security, Fraud Detection, Identity Management, IT, Location Based Services, Mobile Apps, Privacy, Software industries.


Focused on cloud infrastructure and cyber security, Pangea, founded by Oliver Friedrichs and Sourabh Satish, provides regionally intelligent services accessed globally and is available on AWS and GCP.


Dazz is a unique cloud security repair service envisioned by Merav Bahat, Tomer Schwartz, and Yuval Ofir. This startup manifests itself as a unique answer to the challenges posed by cyber security in cloud environments.

Undoubtedly, these exceptional startups are not only addressing the current and potential concerns surrounding cybersecurity concepts but also developing unprecedented avenues for newer areas of applications in the overall technology space. They are transforming cyber security measures and setting higher standards for data security.


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