Illinois’ Powerhouse Mobile Startups Revolutionizing Chicago’s Tech Scene in 2023

Within the buzzing city of the Chicago, lies a fascinating tech scene that doesn’t shy away from crafting exceptional mobile applications. Chicago exhibits a dynamic range of mobile app startups, offering a combination of creative expertise and technological acumen, that are reshaping the key industries from restaurant services and fintech to recruiting and health. In this article, we feature a list of fifteen tremendous and innovative mobile startups from the heart of Illinois’s vibrant tech seeking to change the landscape with their cutting-edge solutions.

These startups are not only contributing to the growing success of Chicago tech but are also creating a stimulating community for app developers, designers, and enthusiasts alike. In the following descriptions, we delve into their exclusive characteristics, business profiles, and the masterminds behind these emergent creations.

Without further ado, here are some of the most promising mobile app startups that call Chicago their home.


Founded by Lucas Liu, INFI is carving a niche for itself in the domain of Information Technology, Made to Order, Mobile Apps, and Web Design. They specialize in website designing, custom mobile apps development, and self-ordering kiosk solutions.


Klover is a Fintech, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments startup by Dominic Bennett. It is at the forefront of fintech innovation with its cash app that allows users to access their earnings in advance.


BellyMelly is a pioneer in online ordering solutions and restaurant app services. This startup is operating in the Information Technology, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Restaurants industry.

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Egulen Systems

Egulen Systems is a customer-centric firm that offers mobile and web app developments, business applications, and software solutions, and primarily operates in the Cloud Management, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Apps industry.


Designed by David Britton, ProdRocket operates in the App Marketing, Internet, Management Consulting, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Software, Web Development industry, and serves as a startup studio to validate, launch, and scale delightful products.

Nexgen Software Solutions

Nexgen Software Solutions is an IT consulting firm that provides staffing, data analytics, mobile app development, and UX design services. They work in the Analytics, Mobile Apps, Software, Staffing Agency, and UX Design industry.


SELIN is a digital health startup with a mobile app to keep track of menstrual cycles and fertility periods. They operate in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software industry.


Founded by Matt Oliver, Couchmate combines the features of Social Network, TV, and Mobile Apps industry and offers Real Time Chat for Live TV.


Strike, an invention of Jack Mallers, is an API used by merchants to accept payments from customers globally. They operate in the Bitcoin, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, Payments industry.


From the mind of Ruben Flores-Martinez, CASHDROP is a mobile commerce platform that helps businesses create and manage an online storefront from a smartphone. They fall under the E-Commerce, Mobile Payments, and Software industry.

Eate Digital

Eate is an all-in-one cloud-based platform for restaurants and guests, operating in the Mobile Apps, Restaurants, and SaaS industry.


Instabids, created by KK Kotapati, is a mobile app that enables the restaurants to bid and select the best instant discount experience for diners. It occupies the Coupons, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Mobile Apps, and Restaurants industry.

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Trailr is a mobile application for dating services operating in the Dating, Information Technology, Mobile Apps industry.

GoMunchies, Inc.

Filling the gap in the Delivery, E-Commerce, Food Delivery, Mobile, Retail, Same Day Delivery industry, Joshua Smith created GoMunchies, Inc., a food delivery service that’s taking the industry by storm.

Options Open

Video based hiring and recruiting application Options Open, founded by Jeffrey Deakins and Mayur Patel, is making waves in the Mobile Apps, Recruiting, Software industry.

In conclusion, these Chicago-based mobile startups are revolutionizing their respective industries with their advanced and user-friendly applications. As they continue to grow and innovate, the tech scene in Chicago is brought to new heights, promising a bright future for digital technology in the Windy City and beyond.

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