Influential Chicago App Startups Shaping Digital Landscape in Illinois, USA

Chicago, known for its beautiful shoreline and vibrant music scene, is now also making a name for itself in the technology industry. More and more tech start-ups are sprouting from this cultural melting pot, introducing innovative digital applications that make our lives easier, healthier, and more exciting. We’ve handpicked some of the coolest App start-ups in the Windy City for you to check out. From health and wellness apps to music-sharing platforms and restaurant management software, these start-ups are making waves in various industries and will undoubtedly be key players in shaping our futures.

The booming tech scene in Chicago isn’t just limited to one sector. These start-ups span across various industries such as health, music, web designing, financial technology, restaurant management, and more, proving that Chicago’s tech landscape is indeed diverse. They are reshaping industries, pushing boundaries, and introducing better ways of doing everyday tasks. Without further ado, let’s dive into these startups redefining the technology scene.

While you may not have heard of some of these startups, there’s no doubt that they are making significant impacts in their respective fields. From improving personal health management, offering better solutions for music sharing and restaurant management, fostering better financial planning, to promoting eco-friendly habits, these startups are taking steps towards a brighter future. We hope this piece will give you a taste of these Startups’ exceptional offerings and get you as excited for their future as we are.


NutriScore is a metabolic health platform combining real-time monitoring with personalized dietitian coaching. Co-founded by Alex Skyrl, Dan Zavorotny, and Kara Collier, this app falls under the Apps, Fitness, Health Care, Personal Health, Real-Time, and Wellness industry.

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Bopdrop is an application designed to make music sharing easy. Co-founded by Matthew Krause, this startup is making its name in the Apps, Internet, Music, and Music Streaming industry.


INFI, founded by Lucas Liu, provides website designing, custom mobile apps development, and self-ordering kiosk solutions. The startup is part of the Information Technology, Made to Order, Mobile Apps, and Web Design industry.


Klover, an innovative startup co-founded by Dominic Bennett, offers a cash app that allows users to access their earnings in advance. This exciting venture is shaping the FinTech, Mobile Apps, and Mobile Payments industry.


BellyMelly is a company providing online ordering solutions and restaurant app services. It’s an interesting addition to the Information Technology, Internet, Mobile Apps, and Restaurants industry.

Egulen Systems

Egulen Systems is a customer-centric firm offering mobile and web app developments, business applications, and software solutions. In the Cloud Management, Mobile Apps, Software, and Web Apps industry, this start-up is showing great potential.


ProdRocket, co-founded by David Britton is a startup studio to validate, launch, & scale delightful products. It’s making its mark in the App Marketing, Internet, Management Consulting, Mobile Apps, Product Design, Software, and Web Development industry.

Nexgen Software Solutions

Nexgen Software Solutions is an IT consulting firm that provides staffing, data analytics, mobile app development, and UX design services, making vital contributions to the Analytics, Mobile Apps, Software, Staffing Agency, and UX Design industry.


EcoCRED increases awareness of the environmental impact of day-to-day activities by measuring users’ carbon footprints and encouraging eco-friendly habits. It operates within the Apps, Environmental Consulting, Information Technology, and Software industries.

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Noteworthy changes the way we listen to music, offering multiple channels and a selection of podcasts. This startup is an interesting contribution to the Apps, Music, and Podcasts industry.


SELIN is a mobile app that helps women keep track of menstrual cycles and fertility periods, making an impact in the Information Technology, Mobile Apps, and Software industry.


Roamli, created by co-founders Bane Srdjevic and Brian Lee, is a platform that provides organizations with marketing tools to create branded experiences promoting revenue and user engagement in the Apps, B2B, Internet, Software, Travel, and Wellness industry.

Cognitive PC Solutions

Cognitive PC Solutions, co-founded by Julian Reyes and Michel Hanna, harnesses the power of SaaS and Artificial Intelligence to solve various problems in the Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Software industry.


Couchmate, co-founded by Matt Oliver, blends TV Guide and a Real Time Chat for Live TV, changing the landscape of the Mobile Apps, Social Network, and TV industry.


Backbar, co-founded by Josh Saunders, is a web and mobile software platform for managing inventory, ordering with vendors, and reducing costs for bars and restaurants. It is gaining recognition in the Apps, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Restaurants, and Software industry.

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