Impactful Software Startups Transforming Austin’s Tech Scene in 2023

Welcome to another edition of our startup showcase at where we highlight some of the most intriguing and innovative startups in the United States. This time we find ourselves deep in the heart of Texas, more specifically in the rapidly burgeoning technology hub of Austin. Austin, TX is becoming the Silicon Hills of the South, attracting a variety of businesses across multiple sectors. Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore some of the truly cutting-edge software startups that Austin has to offer.

INK Games

A fresh face in the Gaming, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Online Games, and Software industry, INK Games is turning heads with its innovative approach to software development. Founded by Josh Gause, Robert Towles, and Thom Martinson, INK Games describes itself as a technology startup that creates a virtual playground for gamers, social influencers, and online users.


Turning the spotlight on cyber and network security, Spyderbat is making a name for itself. Founded by Brian Smith and Marc Willebeek-LeMair, this startup offers Cloud Native Runtime Security that effectively detects and stops cyber attacks throughout the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).


Uniting technology with civic concerns, Civitech is the brainchild of Jeremy Smith. This startup is devoted to applying technology-based solutions to civic problems.

Mesa Cloud

Pushing boundaries within the Cloud Data Services, Information Technology and Software industries, Mesa Cloud is a graduation management system which monitors student academic progress. This startup was conceived by John Kennedy IV.

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The fintech industry has seen a considerable growth in creativity and innovation and standing tall amongst its peers is Lendflow. This startup, founded by Jon Fry and Matthew Watts, provides embedded credit infrastructure for fintechs, lenders and software companies to build, embed and launch credit products.


Taking visual storytelling to new heights, Stagger is a platform offering content, information services, and software to media and entertainment companies. This revolutionary software startup, led by Chrissy Cowdrey, enables small businesses to drive revenue through superior content creation.

Blended Sense

The brainchild of Abigail Rose Baez, Albert Baez, and Georgina Elizondo Griffin, Blended Sense has established itself as a driving force in the media-technology space. The startup connects small business owners to creative professionals on a subscription basis, helping to revolutionize content delivery.


Driving innovation in the Developer Tools and Information Technology niches, Haxor stands at the forefront of software testing. The startup, conceived by Ian Jennings is known for developing software testing tools designed to speed up high-quality software production.


Breaking through the IT, Innovation Management, SaaS, and Software industries is Productable. Founded by Rachel (Kuhr) Conn, Productable is an innovation management platform that gears organizations to succeed through innovation.


With a keen focus on small-scale construction, GoBuild is making waves in the Financial Services and Software sectors. This startup, headed by Chapman Snowden and Drew Barrett, serves as a financial operating system for its niche.


Outliant offers technical, end-to-end services and is a force to recon within the IT and Software industries. This digital product development company was founded by Austin Kueffner, Erwan Lent, and Joel Green.

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Tquila Automation

Specializing in a variety of fields including RPA, intelligent automation, advisory services, AI, and Robotic Process Automation, Tquila Automation stands as an industry leader in IT and Software development.


Developed by Joshua Keys and Justin Fischer, RiskScout is a groundbreaking software that offers cloud banking and infrastructure services to financial institutions aimed at resolving financial risks.


Operating in several industries including Agriculture, Analytics, Data Integration, Government, Industrial, IT, IoT, Machine Learning, and Software, Parasanti is powering the world’s edge infrastructure. This startup was launched by James Hancock and Joshua Seagroves.

FourBurner Technologies

Entering the culinary world, FourBurner Technologies, founded by J. Randy Murphy, develops software and safety products aimed towards restaurants, redefining Digital Marketing, SaaS, and Software for the restaurant industry.

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